Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Zainab - we are sorry

We cannot undo what happened in Kasur. We can play our role to prevent horrific death of another blue eyed doll ending up in a dumpster because our daughters deserve better. It is immaterial who did it, what matters is that it happened.  Three years back, Peshawar APS incident made an excruciating hole in the soul of this nation and now devastating news of seven years old Zainab’s abduction, molestation and coldblooded murder. Let alone empathizing, it is getting impossible to curb the anger and find the right words for the amount of pain and agony those unfortunate parents must be going through. One wonders, do we even deserve to complain our poor state of political, economic and social woes.
We can look inwards and ask few questions, find answers and apply corrections on this deplorable aspect of our lives. So how sexual instincts overwhelm our consciousness? How sexual desire turns into perversion? How can we stop this menace from growing further?
This issue is twofold; moral bankruptcy and governance (or lack of it).
So how incidents of such gravity are becoming routine affair in a society where two or three generations back such incidents were unheard of. How a boy growing up in an Islamic society turns in to an animal? A piece of this jigsaw puzzle is missing somewhere. Moral decadence is direct outcome of decaying family values. Home still remains the basic unit of society. All homes combine together to form society. Societal fiber in last couple of decades has been shredded in to countless pieces. Most of the parents are deeply engrossed in bread winning or day to day affairs of life. Their involvement in to lives of children is symbolic or non-existent. Parents do not observe strict checks and balances over children and children have lost respect /fear of parents. Children are guided by their instincts rather than values. End of the day, we are part animal and part above that. Media, movies and dramas excite romantic aspect of growing kids. Easy accessibility of pornography then takes their imagination and lust to next level of perversion. The animal instincts take the better of their thoughts and actions. Hence, atrocious incidents like today have become a routine affair. Parents need to get more involved in the lives of their kids. Time invested in kids is greater investment than any monetary or time investments outside home.
Everyone is hurt but too much lip service and nothing tangible. Condemnation Tweets by government, opposition leaders, sportsmen, artists even COAS, would not change anything. Not even suo moto of Chief Justice. It is just a formality, a serial ticked so that when people recall the event they should be able to say that entire political, military and judicial leadership along with civil society showed their presence on the day. P is marked. Tonight, the anchors and experts on media will ooze angry/ emotional jargons and would draw their paycheck cashing in on the agony of Zainab and her bereaved parents. All media houses will have immense viewing and sponsor checks; all at the expense of poor Zainab. Tomorrow, something explosive will happen in political arena and all attention will be diverted to political circus.   
I kept wondering how one can the best of Allah's creation stoop so low. The only plausible reason that comes to mind is lack of fear both from the grips of law of the land and Hereafter. People have been getting away with child molestation in the past. Anyone inclined to this kind of crime would not have any example in front of them which could send a cold shudder down their spine. People with little influence can get away with these crimes. The solution is simple, inculcate that fear back in to hearts and minds of people. Thus, make examples which brings us to the second strand of this problem; the governance or lack of it.
Governance is virtually invisible. The very basic right of people; security of life is not in place. Twelve incidents of this nature had already been reported in the same town. Report of missing Zainab was registered for the past five days but nothing happened. She was daughter of a poor man and not any elitist’s offspring or SHARIF Zadi.
Albeit, hurt and angry, people should not surround government offices like what happened at Deputy Commissioner office of Kasur. For love of their lives, policemen whether at their own or on behest of DC, opened direct fire on people and killed two individuals. Punjab Police is personal force of Noon League’s local and national leadership. They are not even trained in handling mobs. They have done what they know best; shoot to kill own people whereas, the actual culprit of this horrendous crime is at large. However, people should hold accountable their elected representatives. They are presumed bridges between people and government offices. If these representatives do not play their role, people should march towards their mansions. And if this does not work then they should march towards castles of Jatti Umras, Bilawal Houses or even Bani Galas. Or at least, have the senses about before casting their votes in next elections.  
Unless we bring our homes in order and instill fear of law among criminals, Zainabs shall continue to die in cold blood. If elected representatives fail to inculcate that fear, people should take those representatives to task. Lastly, only the fear of retribution in afterlife can stop such events from happening. For every problem, a friend of mine used to jibe that basic problem is ‘distance from religion’. But today nothing else makes better sense than this cliché. This is not a Mullah’s shop and if this is Mullaiyat, then so be it. We need to reconnect with our root ideology. Fear of Allah is not the last but the only solution to this problem.

Only Allah knows the whole Truth.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Coup de Noon

Foreword. PML (N) is persona of Nawaz Sharif and the way he thinks. Nawaz Sharif's control over party is giving way against silent coup by the insiders who feel betrayed. None other but his own sibling tops that list. Nawaz Sharif failed to complete term for the third time simply because he did not learn from his past mistakes. Usual demons of ego, high-handedness against own institution and poor succession planning led to current woes of Nawaz Sharif.
Prelude. Due to 'conducive'  Iftikhar Chaudary and General Kiyani regimes, NS took office without much ado, however, soon his ‘leadership’ was put to test when he had to choose new COAS. Like every other general he chose in the past, NS was daggers-drawn with Raheel Sharif in no time.  Hence, the ministers were given 'go ahead' to dare and belittle Army. Afghan President showed promise to improve relations with Pakistan but NS (also the Foreign Minister) had other plans. Before we knew, Ashraf Ghani was sitting in India's lap spitting fire against Pakistan. Vindictive pursuance of Musharraf's cases 'fruitfully' raised hostility levels. Outside Pakistan, NS knew well that he could garner Eastern (India only) and Western support through anti-army narrative which he continues to sell to this day. If one takes out anti-army narrative from NS’ politics, what would otherwise be left?
Act-1. In Dharna1, IK climbed the container but the ‘ladder’ was removed and he didn’t know how to come down. Parliament became the sanctuary of NS and PPP plugged the holes in Noon’s sinking ship. Owing to immaturities of IK and evil acumen of ruling party, Army Chief was put on the spot. Firstly, COAS was requested to mediate then he was requested to stay silent i.e. ‘Please don’t reveal that fact that you were requested by the govt to mediate’. But magnitude of APS Peshawar event put political bickering to rest for then. Lack of govt’s political will to embark upon a wholesome operation against terrorism pushed Army to announce Zarb-e-Azb and NAP unilaterally. Sensing political advantage in supporting the operation, govt rallied behind Army and never missed an opportunity to get credit for it.
               Act-2. Dawn Leaks was continuation of NS’ deeply rooted hatred for Army. Mariam and her media cell gang were guilty but Information Minister and bureaucrats took the brunt. Army ‘rejected’ Govt’s superficial punitive measures against Dawn Leaks’ culprits, however, in a coup de maître, retrograded from her stance because writing was already on the wall. Panama python was rearing to engulf NS and connivers.
               Act-3. Plot of Dharna2 was orchestrated ‘elsewhere’; a god-sent opportunity for rudderless politics of PTI. Had it been for ‘politics’ of IK, this opportunity would have also gone begging. Thanks to some old score that Naeem Bukhari had to settle with NS, willy-nilly, royal family ended up in the courts. NS approached the case with lazy arrogance but Panama became a tborn in his side. He wrote to Supreme Court to investigate and distributed sweets on formation of JIT. But his style of Rajneeti had entered a road with dead end.
Prologue. At the beginning of this term, succession planning was high on NS’ agenda. With his acumen and self-serving approach, Mariam Nawaz was the choice. Though she had become a grandmother by then, but she had never faced real life problems. She had never heard ‘no’ for an answer, may it me Principle Kinnaird College for admission in medical college against 650 marks in FSc or her own parents for marriage with Captain Safdar. She only knew one way of dealing with the things, ‘Stop me if you can’. She was given too much initiative too early. She had to be removed from youth fund distribution. Then she came up with the ‘brilliant idea’ of establishing a media cell in PM House. The idea backfired across the board particularly among media people. Her father bought journalists by dishing out privileges, power positions and Lafafas. Rest of the media felt left out, betrayed and antagonized. Not only political rivals, she even used her media cell to downplay her own uncle’s work in Punjab. She made more enemies than friends, an expected outcome from a hot-headed political amatuer. Slowly and surely, she started calling shots in important party affairs. In the process she surrounded herself with ‘big mouth’ opportunists, whereas, weighty electables like Ch Nisar etc were repulsed. Since her launching, after General Elections 2013, majority senior leadership and workers in Noon had reservations on Mariam Nawaz’s growing control over party. Under the circumstances, electables could sense that the ‘Noon’s ship’ was bound to wreck and they started worrying about saving their own political grace in constituency and country. After disqualification, staring down the barrel, NS announced to handover party reins to his brother but then he changed his mind. He put off coronation of Shahbaz Sharif, ensured promulgation of 203, got himself elected President of the party and went on ‘collision course’ against his own Army and Judiciary. He missed the train yet again. The only way Muslim League Noon could make a face saving impression in General Elections 2018 was under relatively acceptable leadership of Shahbaz Sharif. Although Shahbaz Sharif, out of sheer frustration unleashed his faithful in the party to raise the voice in his favour and eventually NS may pass the baton to him yet it might be too little too late.
               Epilogue. NS has a knack of attracting coups. Having experienced a presidential coup, a military coup and a judicial coup; there was yet another coup lined up for him i.e. Coup de Noon. Others could be attributed to his uncontrollable ego and disgust for his own Army, the last one inside his party is direct outcome of his fallible succession plan.
               Only Allah knows the whole truth.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Way forward after Trump's Afghan policy speech

Following post may serve as analysis of Mr Trump's speech,  Thanks, but no thanks, Mr Trump:
Following forward for Pakistan is suggested:
* Regardless of threatening posturing by Mr Trump, we need to focus & guard our own interests in the region, because his was just rhetoric. US strategy in Afghanistan may be evaluated from issue to issue basis as when they happen. This will allow us to see the difference between caliberated, intimidating and formal speech & follow up actions.
*Preferably, make peace with less threatening neighbors like Iran & Afghanistan. Reach out.
* Secondly, if possible negotiate with India or at least show intent for it. This may reduce threat from the Western borders. Political govts on both sides play mutual  hate card in line with their short term political gains.
*Better relations with Afghanistan & involvement in its affairs to form a consensual govt are crucial. Afghan Taliban card needs to be played adroitly to remain relevant in evolving regional power matrix.
*China factor is our plus but it also figures out as source of our current problems. Balance has to be drawn from being once US backed frontline state in GWOT to being declared a terror harboring country after giving 70k plus life toll to being a Chinese colony. We matter thats why every big player in the world has interest in our geography and military strength. We should play on our strengths.
*Favorable Russian stance after Trump speech also needs to be evaluated against interests of Pakistan. We should tailor this support to our advantage instead of becoming a tool of Russia. We should learn from our mistakes of previous breakups with US. Big boys need you as long as they need you. No friendships only interests.
* Gain in on already a respectable status among Muslim countries. Political leadership for once has to take reins to safegaurd Pakistan's interests.
*Bring own house in order and renew social contract with people of FATA and Balochistan through education & equal economic opportunities.
*Strengthen institutions. Army is strong institutionally, simply bcoz its independent in its decision making. There might be grey areas but leadership keeps rotating & institution keeps getting stronger. Do Pakistan a favor, instead enslaving institutions, set'em free, make'em independent. For example, if our Foreign Office was a 'free' instituion, it must have had number of options prepared before Trump's speech & they  should have immediately responded & would have guided govt on way forward. Freeing institution will only strengthen the govt.
*Involve public through electronic media debates. Make parliamentary committees for negotiations and dialogue, giving them briefing through foreign office.
*Govt should step forward and take full responsibility of ongoing operations along with Army. Instead of ISPR, information ministry to take charge & defend Pakistan's interests instead of its party leadership.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Thanks, but no thanks. Mr Trump

Though Mr Trump with his showmanship style of unequivocal speech used to utter total nonsense with remarkable conviction yet at Arlington he appeared composed, well-rehearsed and presidential. The reason behind newly found composure was not his seriousness to presidential duties rather mounting pressure on home front particularly spiraling aftermath of Charlottesville incident. In last week his approval ratings plummeted to 28% which also has to do with his bullying of media particularly CNN whom her refers to as Counterfeit News Network. He continues to sack his handpicked cabinet members or they continue to resign from respective jobs. Russian hacking continues to factor in his election campaign of last year. Dwindling economy, high unemployment and inflation rates have been a thorn in his side. On foreign front, once sole superpower of the world, US continues to lose power mileage against China and Russia. Amid these whirling issues, Mr Trump needed auspicious platform like Arlington to connect with his men and women in uniform. He needed to re-assure American people that he was not only a compulsive 'tweeter' but he was also capable of taking on some serious business of statesmanship. 
In South-Asia, Donald Trump’s Afghan policy speech at Fort Myer was eagerly awaited, keenly heard and intensely discussed. Most of our analytical conjecturing missed out on the chaotic background of the speech. Our pundits registered few catch phrases and started cooking their evening broth. Anchors and analysts had another good payday. Opposition lashed at the ruling party and ruling party resorted to its favorite sport on such matters i.e doing nothing. 
 Trump’s speech brought nothing new for Pakistan, Afghanistan or India. Since he did not have the guts to say that he had no choice except continuation of Obama Policy in South-Asia, he resorted to his very own intimidating manner which rose false alarm bells in Pakistan. He mentioned no immediate withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan which is continuation of Obama Policy. He gave big brother role to India in the region which is continuation of Obama Policy. He asked Pakistan to do more which is continuation of Obama Policy. In the same speech, whereas Mr Trump blamed Pakistan for harboring Taliban, quite ironically, he hinted to include the same Taliban in formation of government in Kabul, this paradox is also continuation of Obama Policy. He acknowledged sufferings of Pakistani people and threatened to stop American aid to Pakistan which is again continuation of Obama Policy.In the end, it was the same old Obama wine bottled at Trump Towers.

Let’s take stock of Pak-US relations through time. There is nothing to take stock of. There was no relation. Multiple failed marriages of inconvenience between the two states were always necessitated by US interests in the region. Presently, again US does not require Pakistan’s services anymore, so it resorted to same old ‘do more’.
Yes, nothing has changed in US Policy in the region. It does not mean we should never try or stop trying to improve our image across the board. We miserably failed on diplomatic front because for the past four years we had larger than life Mr Nawaz Sharif as our Foreign Minister. While Indians were pulling strings through their business community, notables, Indian-American legislators and lobbyists in Washington, Mr Nawaz Sharif was doing them a great favor, he was busy doing nothing at all. The way he was losing his throat over his abdication from the throne, even one tenth of that energy spent on generating diplomatic goodwill could have done wonders for Pakistan. There is no harm in generating goodwill among comity of nations. Our exports have taken a nosedive. There is no harm in expanding economic relations with other nations.
One last thing on speech, ‘Thanks, but no thanks’, Mr Trump, both literally and figuratively.
Literally, thanks that you made American aid conditional and apparently impossible for Pakistan but no thanks figuratively that we don’t really need your blood dollars. And this is not a reactive thanks rather joyful and gracious thanks. Look at the casualty table and American aid graph over the years.

Flow of Blood Dollars from US to Pakistan over the years

Terrorism related casualties in Pakistan over the years

Terrorism related casualties in Pakistan are directly proportional to the amount of dollars we received from US. In 2009-10 highest amount of American aid was given to Pakistan and now look at casualties in the same years, the highest ever. Has aid of any kind ever changed the fate of a nation? Not in known history.   
No country on God’s earth has fought terrorism the way we have fought. No country on God’s earth has quelled the magnitude of terrorism that we have single handedly quashed. No country on God’s earth has given more life toll than us. No country on God’s earth is ruled by inept nincompoops like our rulers yet the nation perseveres with resilience.
In simple words, after Trump's speech there is hardly any change in US policy towards South Asia except cessation of blood dollars' aid to Pakistan which would mean spillage of innocent blood may also cease. However, what needs to change is the way we manage and govern ourselves. The way we diplomatically move. The way we economically grow.

Only Allah knows the whole Truth. 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Pathway to real change

We cannot afford to bask in the glory of a court judgement for too long. Its not destiny. We may want to abort the victory lap and get on with the business end. There is some serious catching up to be done. Many political miles to go before we could cherish anything.
True that politics is not a highly regarded profession in a country like ours. The word 'politics' does not have a positive air about it. It generally refers to dubious situations like office politics, family politics, political point-scoring, political mileage etc. However, politics is an abstract thing in itself. It becomes what we make of it. Our attitude towards politics shapes its contours & sets the tone. What is the need for it? There is a big need. Politics & decisions taken by politicians determine how we live our lives. It affects every single one of us. It affects our generations. Being divorced to politics would mean being divorced to our own & the future of our generations.
Our current situation clearly shows that both people and politicians have misconstrued real spirit of politics. Both are deeply embroiled in pursuit of their short term goals. People are pre-occupied with bread-winning & politicians are in a great hurry to make hay while the sun shines. Hence, there is mistrust. Politics has become a shabby business. Politicians when elected become law-makers. This is when politics becomes the best way to serve humanity. It even betters philanthropy. Philanthropists fill welfare voids in a society, whereas, politicians, if they work honestly would not let those voids to take root in the first place. To be more precise, good politics would not leave any room for philanthropy in a society.
This write-up may appear as an academic exercise but as long as we don't grasp real spirit of politics, we may never see its fruits. PTI sympathizers would be expecting a pat in the back for toppling Nawaz Sharif but replacing him with Shahbaz Sharif hardly changes anything. Backstage, Nawaz Sharif will continue to run the puppet show.
Nontheless, appointment of Shahbaz Sharif is a smart move. Though, Nawaz Sharif would have done it with heavy heart as he wanted Mariam Nawaz to succeed him yet Shahbaz Sharif was the best choice for damage control in given situation due to his pressure group with likes of relatively credible Ch Nisar & highly 'incredible' Rana Sana Ullah. It would not only prevent party from fragmentation but would also help restore some political mileage unless PTI wins NA-120 by-elections.
How will PTI win? PTI has no party structure in place to carryout constituency politics. PTI has social media showing consisting of virtual tigers. They exist in cyber space only. There are no real workers on ground. PTI workers from 2013 elections have either left or are angry with its way of working. Select few opportunists with past affiliations of other political parties know how to work i.e. look busy do nothing. A very small minority of sincere change mongers are dishearted and considering other options.Nobody paid heed to their voice. If a senior party worker like Naz Baloch leaves, instead of addressing her concerns, IK declares her 'useless'. Since last election, party tickets have not been alloted on merit. Anyone who had access to PTI hijackers including Jehangir Tareen, Shah Mahmood Qureshi or Raja Sarwar were given tickets, hence, PTI lost political mileage. The political space created out of MQM's demise in Karachi was occupied by PPPP. Next elections, PPPP may return to legislative assemblies with stronger mandate because PTI has zero party structure in Sindh. Balochistan is also devoid of PTI presence. KPK is a politically volatile province.  No work is done in south, resultantly, Maulana has made good progress there. Holding on to its existing mandate in KPK will be a real challenge. Punjab will still remain a tough cookie for PTI. Those who voted for Nawaz Sharif last time already knew what he was made up of. Again PTI has no real showing in south of Punjab. Few PPPP dissident electables will not change fortunes of PTI in rest of Punjab. Remaining months in power, Noon league  will come up with her own political narrative. They are likely to work their guts off under Chhotay Mian. At best Punjab would be 50/50 split between PTI and Noon.
Under the circumstance, despite Nawaz Sharif's exodus from PM House, in next general elections, political landscape of the country is not going to change much. A hung parliament is in the offing where PPPP & Noon nexus seems most probable for making government in center.
The 'change' promised by IK seems a distant reality. May be his personal grudge against Nawaz Sharif has been satisfied but any significant 'change' remains a fallacy. People were longing for changing so bad that they didn't hesitate riding false wave of change IK promised them. PTI has no workers because it has no political ideology. It thrives on charisma of IK. Like other political parties, PTI revolves around its founding leader. There is no leadership in the pipeline. If he is disqualified (which is likely) or removed from center-stage, PTI will crumble faster than a house of cards. Who will lead, Qureshi sb? Then who all will follow him? PTI's political longevity depends upon IK's political relevance. We need better alternative to growingly stereotype politics of IK even if it involves cumbersome process of raising a political party. Because, once kindled, the hope for change should not die. Its time for greater silent majority of this nation to break the ice. This circus they all call politics must stop. It may take a different course. Pathway to change is not through Bani Gala photo-shoots. It will come through good quality politics. We need to raise the bar. We need to change our attitude towards politics. For us to restore our identity, politics needs to be played in its true spirit where it overtakes every virtue & every form of worship. No change is as wholesome as change affected through politics.
Leave your comments, please.
Only Allah knows the whole Truth.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Miss-adventurous - Maryam Nawaz

Conscious choice of succession is always a critical point in the game of thrones.
This term, besides NS' desire to marginalise 'every' institution, he had another issue at hand, selection of his successor in politics. Although, he would have liked to continue active politics for as long as he could, yet eventually or in any eventuality, someone had to take reins of the party. Along came Panama Case which took birth out of thin air and significantly reduced his propects of continuing active politics. His political survival hinges totally on Supreme Court's decision on Panama Case.  Proceedings at JIT took them by surprise and shook the lazy arrogance of the Royal Family.  Not a pleasant surprise though.
Regardless of the outcome of the case, the 'succession' had to be planned. It had to be planned well before time. Since, party is 'owned' by Sharif Family, none of the ministers or kitchen cabinet members could be trusted with this privilege. In order to create a lasting family legacy, heir to 'Jati Umra's throne was to be selected. But the choices were limited. Both Hassan & Hussain were aptly managing the affairs of Empire outside. Inland interests were being well served through 'growing' business and their financial mastermind & uncle, the Finance Minister. Son-in-law had already become a liability. Looking outside his immediate family, NS would have had found his brother and nephew. A brother who stood by him in hope to finally become PM of the country. Advertantly, baton could not be passed to Shahbaz Sharif as it may make NS & his off-spring irrelevant to power matrix. Among given choices, with NS' acumen and self serving style of politics, his obvious choice was Maryam Nawaz.
Once earmarked for the job, the training & exposure began at the start of current term. She identified active media use (or abuse) as her main weapon. She flooded social media with her own photo-shoots. Though, her youth was far behind her but her apperance grew in much greater proportions for a relatively young grand-mother. If posing for camera could get any political mileage then beauty peagents would have produced all the successful political role models. In which case, political institutions could have taken a leave of absence. Instead of following Mian Sahb's time tested method of buying out journalists through 'lafafa' or giving advisory roles to journalists or offering them positions in PCB hierarchy, she opted to form her own 'media cell'. She continued to make her presence felt through some antagonizing tweets. Maryam Nawaz also chose to play her version of Mera Sultan. Her ambition to make an impression resulted in mis-adventure of Dawn Leaks. Albeit, she was 'bailed out' but she developed a habit of over-stepping her role thus making more enemies than friends. Her adventurism at electronic and social media turned in to misadventures. She gave an impulsive, unprepared interview to Sana Buchha which followed her brothers' 'Alhamdolliah' interviews on off-shore companies followed by NS' caliberated yet technically flawed address to Parliament on Panama Issue, has brought them in to face the law. Their unease with JIT was reflected in frustrating press talks outside Judicial Academy. Post JIT talk of  Maryam Nawaz was being dubbed as a dabbang entry in to politics. Her crammed up talk abruptly finished without taking questioned. Even an old maid at their estate could have read a piece of paper like that. Optical politics is out of fashion now.
Not that 'suuccession' decision was wrong, it just came at the wrong time. At the same time, Maryam Nawaz except her bloodline had nothing to show for. Instead of becoming a force multiplier to her 'father's vision', she had already become a drag on Noon League's politics. A decision which was a necessity but may never see fruition because her direction was all messed up. Another dilemma with such egoistic brats is that no advisor is good enough for them nor would they pay any heed to council.
Lately, lady luck is not singing to the tunes of Nawaz Sharif. Since party is called PML Nawaz League, its survival is conditional to political relevance of Nawaz Sharif himself. Noon League, like a house of cards, may also collapse soon after an unfavourable verdict. It is highly unlikely that Noon League may resort to some introspection. Instead, they seem firm on propagating 'conspiracy' as a counter political narrative which may help retain diehard noon voter. But, on legal grounds, writing is in on the wall, it is just a matter of time.
Only Allah knows the whole Truth.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Secret behind people empowerment

Today is different. As an ordinary Pakistani, for the first time, I feel empowered. But this journey of empowerment took its toll. It saw decades of institutional corruption, white lies, innocent blood spills, political deceit and leadership void. JIT Report is submitted in the apex court. PTI is happy and Government is dejected. However, a big day in the history of Pakistan. Real power of people is taking effect. This marks a paradigm shift in balance of power in this country. It was impossible to imagine such happenings before the turn of the last century. Those who grew up in PTV days would remember one sided ‘hakoomat nama’. Even on a day like this, Prime Minister would have been shown inaugurating a bridge and spitting fire against his rivals. Behind closed doors, government gazetted officers would have been compelled to bow under heinous pressure tactics. So what happened that changed the course of destiny of this country? PTI and her ardent support would love to take credit for it. And there will be some resentment from PTI quarters for ‘taking the zing away’ from their great achievement but a dispassionate analysis may unravel a different perspective.
Firstly, why the entire credit should not go to PTI? Reasons for that are simple but painful. Today, after declaration of JIT Report, during speech at Bani Gala, Imran Khan didn’t remember how many died during pressure build up on Supreme Court to take up the Panama Case. This is how cruel politicians are. It was young Inam Ullah from Swabi who died at Burhan Interchage under 'able' leadership of Pervez Khattak. Why able? Go to Nowshera and ask for 'Mama Gan' and you will get the answer. Unfortunate as it was, Inam Ullah was someone’s son. Had Qasim or Suleman suffered little scratches, it would have been carved on Mr IK’s heart. For IK, Inam Ullah's blood was a step closer to power corridors. That day, IK and few unfit stooges had been seen doing push-ups on stage at Bani Gala for media optics. They waited to cash in on the spill of blood of brave and passionate pakhtoon boy. Unfortunately, PTI is not an ideological political entity. It is a gathering of opportunists headed by a charismatic leader. If we take cricketing charisma out of IK's life, there is nothing to show for except Shaukat Khanum Hospital which too was made possible due to fame and momentum gained from cricket.
In past few years, media has emerged as the strongest source of people power. Power which people of this country always craved for. Every institution failed people of this country. May it be executive, judiciary or legislature and every institution that falls under their jurisdiction failed the people of this country. They all lived and breathed the ‘theorem of necessity’. Although, there were few glimpses of individual brilliance yet our overall progression as nation was withheld by dysfunctional institutions. Today, if six gazetted officers have been able to compile a fair report against the sitting Prime Minister then it can be attributed to media's unrelenting eye where nothing goes unobserved. Today if Supreme Court is coming up to expectations, it is due to transparent media reporting. Today if Maheen Fatima submits her affidavit that she was strong armed by Zafar Hijjazi then it is her confidence that even if she is killed, at least people will know she died in the right cause. It is vibrancy and freedom of media that we see Pharoes like Nawaz Sharif and his off spring moving to and fro the courts. We hope others like them also pay the price of their wrongdoings.
Story of media is not all that simple. Newspapers go way back before partition. In recent past, electronic media overtook print media. Private media channels have become a household item. How electronic media became such a phenomenon? It did not happen out of thin air, to say the least. Whether you like or hate Pervez Musharraf, it was his decision, his alone, to allow media the freedom it enjoys today. Pervez Musharraf’s legitimacy to power was also challenged by media and made his ousting inevitable. Media became his Frankenstein. After which good things continued to happen to politics of Pakistan. It became a compulsion for politicians to adopt cleaner means to politics and money making. Probably, second best thing was closure of Altaf Hussain chapter.
The best of media was yet to come. As long as media houses remained united, media seths made loads of money during first decade of 21st Century. There used to be one ticker on every news channel. There was complete uniformity in outlook. Special thanks to politicians that media houses got polarized. Politicians started distributing ‘lifafas’ among journalists and gave gracious business to media houses in terms of government  adverts. Some got enough and others felt left out. Polarization grew among media houses and they started taking sides. Geo News aligned with PML (N). Lately, Dawn News, which used be the most credible newspaper, as media house, chose sides and fell in to the lap of PML (N). ARY and 24 became anti-government.
Pervez Musharraf may have given due freedom to media, but it is not him, not masses, not institutions, not gazetted officers, not Supreme Court, not Imran Khan or his PTI,  nor media houses but it is due to the polarization among media houses that broke the shackles of  fear and made this historic day happen. Credit also goes to unsung heroes and simpletons like Inam Ullah whose blood paved the way this day.
This is just a perspective. You may disagree, in which case, please do share your rationale. 

Only Allah knows the whole Truth.