Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Why Thoughts?

Having been encouraged by family and friends to write, I could never really convince myself that I would be able to put together words that could have rational appeal. Besides, writing has its own demons and worst of all is self conceit that "I Know" because reality is " I Know Not". Secondly, the bitterest enemy of man, his ego, when inflated, can lead him astray and just like that, the good intention of spreading the good thought is taken over by ever so deceiving ego. To human is to err, we get carried away by our ego that good word will not spread if I did not write. Whereas, truth of the matter is that the Good word will spread even if no one in the world writes. With these hunches, I set out to share thoughts through this blog. Hoping and praying that the obligation and intention of spreading the good word is well served.
One more thing, our thoughts, especially the good ones, are not our own. We have not invented thoughts. Thoughts just come to us from somewhere Divine. The divine element of thought makes it all the more necessary to excercise extreme caution in observing quality of thought. Spreading good thought is not a quality but an obligation. 
Lastly, everyone is writing these days and everyone wants to look different from others. A distinguished way to approach an issue is desireable due to gains associated with it like increased reader base, sponsorship, accolades, recognition and what not. So first thing that needs clarity is that this blog is not based on a desire to look different from others. It will contain ordinary things that affect our lives. Small things that can make our lives better. At the same time, The blog is not intended for any of the aforementioned gains. This is just an endeavour to share thoughts. Thoughts should spread across the spectrum. People should benefit from these thoughts. Good thoughts can help relieve a fellow human being from distress or clear fog of uncertainty from important issues in our lives. If only a single person is relieved of stress after reading this blog, the whole effort would be worthwhile.
Your thoughts will add colour to this blog. Share your thoughts. Disagree alot because this will bring in new thought and educate our thoughts.