Saturday, 21 June 2014

Days of PML(N) Govt are Counted?

Carnage at Model Town Lahore augurs beginning of the end. 3500 police personnel poured in to remove the ‘barriers’. Killed innocent people and brutally battered everyone present on spot. Ironically, registered murder FIR against Tahir ul Qadri’s son. Ministers of the state were exuding fire just like loyal Haman. Pharoses must have felt small on display of arrogance by our rulers.

In Punjab, every constituency is filled with Gulloo Butts. They are the real Ugly face of our rulers. These field agents work on behest of sitting MNAs and MPAs. They are well connected in 
administration and judiciary. Most of these run gambling hubs while others do drugs and bootlegging. They have gangsters on their payroll who can make life of any person miserable. Every citizen is bound to have issues pertaining administration and judiciary. This is where ordinary citizens need help of these goons who resove their petty issues from the back of their hands under the able patronage of respected politicians. Hence guarnteeing votes for their masters. In central Punjab, if your buffalo is stolen or your brand new car is nicked, go to the Dera of MPA which act as a "Facilitation Centers". Distressed people not only pay money but leave those places highly obliged after paying money for their stolen goodies. Hence, without coming to fore, politicians control their constituencies. Difference between Punjab and Karachi politics is only that MQM has organized setup and central control on criminal activities whereas Punjabi politicians do the same from behind the curtain.
The best lesson from known history is to fight one front at a time. Present govt has concurrently opened up many fronts. Cold war with army on Pervez Musharraf issue is going on. There may not be any love lost for Pervez Musharraf. But mere fact that he was COAS, gives him certain privileges. Army is an institution built on brotherhood. Army will not abandon him. If they did not like him, they should have stood up to him when he was in power. But vendetta and egos are way too large than the size of men. It was a golden opportunity to let go off Pervez Musharraf once his mother was seriously ill. It would have been a win win decision. Even letting him go after Sindh High Court’s decision to remove his name from ECL would have earned tons of good faith. Instead central govt challenged the decision in Supreme Court. Notwithstanding the fact that Mr Nawaz Sharif was allowed to flee from the country under a written agreement once he was convicted. Wonder, who are their advisors? Are those advisors sincere? Is govt going to commit suicidal on itself?

Other front is on going operation in Waziristan. In 13 months, it was only for 48 hours that nation seemed to rally behind the govt when it announced commencement of operation in Waziristan. After those 48 hours, govt sent suicidal mission of Punjab Poliice on Qadria at Model Town Lahore and the tide completely turned. Again the question on advisors of govt arises with full force. Although, there are serious reservations, whether govt willingly went ahead with the operation or it was forced to do so. Particularly, when announcement of operation came 24 hours earlier through ISPR than the govt itself.

Another front is the media bias of govt. Govt’s unflinching love for Geo and Jang Group is evident with punishment awarded to ARY to balance the charge sheet. Govt had to take entire media along. But this requires transparency and unbiased approach which is not possible with these people. Media will naturally unleash on govt and their image will further go down the drain. Prime Minister went to see Hamid Mir in hospital but he did not bother to pay visit to affected of Model Town incident. Had he visited Qadria in first couple of days of the incident, it would have taken the sting out of situation besides fulfilling his moral obligation it would have had political advantage. But the question remains, who are their advisors?

Corruption is rampant. Govt continues to appoint her stooges on every office of significance. All money producing institutions/ projects are controlled by the Royal Family. Recent appointment of Arsalan Iftikhar as Vice Chairman of Investment Board of Balochistan says it all. Unfortunately, Mian Sahab could not get a Durbari Army Chief in all three tenures. May it be General Abdul Waheed Kakar, Mirza Asalm Beg, Jehangir Karamat, Pervez Musharraf or Rahil Sharif. He appoints an army general (at times violating army’s merit) thinking he will find a humble servant in him but hats off to army’s grooming, each time a bona fide patriotic Pakistani turns up. Present chief is no exception who has already bitterly Disappointed the ruling Clan.

All these above incidents and scenarios are pointing towards end of the road for Nawaz Sharif. He will be the only PM in history who made it thrice and thrice could not complete his tenure. Writing is on the wall. Signs are evident. Blood has been spilt. We cannot expect Nawaz Sharif and Co to change their way of thinking. Which inevitably means early exodus. I really wonder who are their advisors

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Karachi Airport Attack- Winners & Losers

It was amazing and to see victory speeches by few govt officials ...when...
19 ASF, Police & Rangers individuals killed, scores injured, valuable property damaged, tremors of terror felt across the country, loss of millions of Ruppees, possibility of discontinuation of international operations at Kci airport and incredibly still (by mid-day Monday) firing can be heard at Kci Airport. They accomplished their mission. Victory speech may come from their side.
Read the letter place opposite. It shall give you a fair idea of how well crafted was the whole affair. Validation of the authenticity of this letter is beyond the capacity of scribe as it was copy pasted from the status of a friend at facebook. However, it is not really difficult to ascertain from the language of the letter that such tenacity can only be attributed to TTP.

Our achievement is that we killed 10 terrorists who otherwise came to DIE. secondly, DNA test will be taken of all Terrorist...What a gang of losers who run the affairs of this country.
Few Laspses that need to be considered:
1.All security agencies who were responsible to provide advanve information on terrorists' planning stage of operation, miserably failed. Everyone in chain particularly those responsible for airport area to be held accountable.
2.ASF which is solely responsible for airport security must be taken to task.
3.Police thana of airport is equally responsible. Because terrorist became security lapse of ASF when they entered airport premises. Before that it was police who had to prevent it from happening.
4. Provincial Govt was too busy visiting dharnas of MQM.They are also accountable for this lapse. 5.Finally sir Interior Minister it was your primary responsibility to prevent such thing from happening.
Unless all these culprits are taken to task... Nothing will change. These people are responsible for loss of so many precious human lives. There has to be an end to this circus. It about time people responsible for such lapses up and down the ladder must feel the heat.
Still someone wants to celebrate victory and raise solgans...Go on keep fooling yourself and 200 million people

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Moral Compass - Made in China

Moral Compass - Made in China (the amusing line taken from the Robin Iqbal's status)
If you happen to use a compass, irrespective of the weather conditions, the time of the day or the day of the week, the needle of the compass shall always point to the North. Likewise, you must have observed that political workers regardless of their standing, appointment or stature will be biased towards their political leadership. Principles of morality stand no chance once they have to choose between their political leadership and what is right. The point of North on their moral compass always indicates towards their political leadership. Those who do not fulfill their moral obligation of raising a hand and differing on principles are hostage to their own short term gains and objectives. Which mostly are trivial in nature like hopes to get better position in party or winning better NHA contracts or any other mundane benefit that you can think of. In turn, entire nation is paying the price. How? Ok. Now, if you are a political worker who cannot stand on principles please stop reading this article because its very bitter in taste.
Dog is a fovoured pet of Men of Ego or should we say 'False Ego'. Have you ever Wondered, why? Because Dog is a psychophicist. A flatterer who will go off limits to please his master. you must have seen a dog waging his tail like crazy to appease his master. A dog will not judge you for your character or principles. He only wants to make you happy. What is his gain? A pat in the back, shelter and better food. That is the sole reason, of all animals, dogs are not allowed in the house as pets. They inflate your ego. They make you want to believe that you the Master and the Provider. How false is that?
Political Leadership is surrounded by few loyals. Likewise, down the ladder leadership at different tiers is restricted to a close circle of faithfuls. Once they hit the jackpot i.e. win elections, they start payback by affording each other benefits. It is common perception that politicians are the most corrupt lot. But in reality, its the political worker who leaves his leadership miles behind when it comes to corruption. He never disagrees. He never differs on principles. He does all he can to please his leadership. Absence of principles, lack of character or nonexistent political wisdom never really bothers him. His Moral Compass always indicates towards his political leaders, believing they are the Providers and making them believe that they are the Masters.
I hope you are not drawing any parallels between pets and political workers in your mind? Well political workers are much above that. And by their conduct they have to do better than what they are doing. They have to prove that they are the best of creations. They have to rise above their short term gains. They have raise their hands and differ. They have to speak the Truth. If they continue to paint the false picture that Sab Acha Hai i.e All is Well, their masters will want to live in the fallacy that they are doing just great. They have to realize that their job is more important because in their hands rests the future of this nation. The moral compass must point to the principle, to Pakistan, to greater interest, to our future, to the future of our generations.
As indicated by my old friend Amir Sohail Malik, it holds good to all those working in govt institutions. No department, institution or walk of life is exempted from this obligation. We must stop importing our moral compasses from China because a Moral Compass Made in China will only take a nation to where we stand today.

Qadri, Imran and Change in Pakistan

Mr Tahir Ul Qadri has put his claims to "Flip the Paradigm and Shake the Status Quo" in serious jeopardy by sitting Ch Pervez Elahi on one side and Ch Shujaat Hussain on the other. This is not a superstition but a proven reality of our politics that Ch bros are the epitome of Insincerity in Pak Politics. Tahir ul Qadri may be a great religious scholar, an authority on Hadith and an unmatched orator, but Politics does not seem to be his cup of Tea. In his early attempt to roll over the SYSTEM, he was Duped by MQM and this time Q League ( for whom “The Opportunists” is an understatement) have jumped the Qadri Bandwagon, just to remain politically relevant.
The other Champion of Change, Imran Khan…once again…is dragging feet from joining Tahir Ul Qadri… and …once again it would be a mistake and definitely will add to his political blunders…one can also feel for him because on his one side sits Javed Hashmi ( An old PML N Horse) and on his other side sits Shah Mahmood Qureshi ( A PPPP veteran)...They could neither affect change in their parent political parties nor is there any hope in PTI...They will always advice IK on playing Safe...Change will not come through ‘Proper Channel’ Politics…Hold an election next month and it will be hijacked again…As they say…Desperate times call for desperate measures…playing by the book will bring no change in this system…which eats, breathes and broods Corruption…Again IK is not good enough for Shenanigans of Pakistani Politics… plus his cautious approach to politics is not doing him any good.
Few words in the honour of our political prodigees...Prince Hamza, bilawal, Monis, Musa etc and Princess Mariam, Bakhtawar , Asifa….You all are signs of HOPE for your families…But for Poor thing called Pakistan, You are part of the problem, not the solution.
And this brings us to the bottom line…For Tahir Ul Qadri and IK not being good enough for Pakistani Politics…is actually our only HOPE…because they failed to Adapt to corrupt methods of Raj Neeti…Their approach to politics is not through the Dirty Door...We should not Fail them before putting them to Test...Only If they join hands, They may finally bring some constructive change in this country… But…Somehow…Both of them have not been able to take that 'Leap of Faith' ...IK's inability to think out of box and taking 'Political Risk' by trusting Qadri is the real impediment to substantive change. Their nexus can pave the way for a better Pakistan

Leadership is not only about celebrity status rather taking bold decisions (with inherent risk factor )and the dream of change will be realized through some daring decision making and due sacrifices.
Blessed Sunday