Thursday, 6 February 2014


We are in to the Oscar season of the year. The only time of the year that you watch Oscar nominated movies and get the pulse of what exactly is going on in Hollywood. Though I discontinued my ritual of watching Oscar nominated movies especially after ‘Hurt Locker’ was preferred over ‘Aavatar’ for obvious reasons. But then I felt a need to be in picture of indoctrination process of the Hollywood. Unless you know what you have to combat, how will you prepare for the battle? Secondly, not watching movies is also taken as an extremist tendency J. Anyway, just bent few reasons to withdraw my self-imposed ban of watching movies and to get some Oscar Fever this spring.

I am not a big fan of reviews found as Rotten Tomatoes because these are mostly suck ups but I really like the name of the website. Except technological ascendency, Hollywood is nothing more than a Rotten Tomato. And if you get to see the movie under question (Her) and read this review till the end, you may not think differently. I shall keep dropping some Rotten Tomatoes Desi Style, so that we should not just get carried away with the cool movies of Hollywood. Besides coolness these movies always carry strong underlying intent of indoctrination of the rest of the world. As long as we remain aware of this hidden agenda, there is no harm in watching every new movie.

I stumbled in to movie ‘Her’ which is among the race of movies vying for the Academy Award.  How we ‘Stumble’ in to Oscar Nominated movies is not all that complicated. Torrent sites are banned but then we unblock the blocked sites through proxies. Get the torrent and watch the movies at home. Oops, we just confessed violation of US federal law on copyrights. But I hope people there will forgive us in exchange for drone attacks on our country (a small matter of violating our sovereignty).

Back on movie ‘Her’. A brilliant concept. We spend so much time with our Operating Systems like Windows, Jelly Beans, Itunes etc that it is becoming a way of life. Apparently, challenges of ‘Relationship’ with humans ask too much from us. We are comfort loving creatures. Don’t go out, just swipe your handset and there you go, you are connected to millions of people at social networking sites. No need to have physical relations, just hook up with some online sexually excited person and have cyber intercourse each time with a new person with no strings attached. But there was still a void, you could not fulfill your basic needs of loving and being loved. Along came an AI solution. Which is intelligent yet artificial. The movie kicks off with Joaquin Phoenix in lead role, struggling with his recent divorce, falls in love with his Operating System. It turns out that many people around him were also doing the same. The whole setting is sad and weird. Then comes betrayal, the same OS namely Samantha was simultaneously in love with 641 persons. And suddenly, the value of human relationships comes to fore. So it should serve as a wakeup call to all those who spend more time with their OS than humans.

Entire humanity is adapting to cyber ways of living and our society is no exception. Unfortunately, weariness for relationships has been imported from the west. There, everyone feels lonely but finds it hard to withstand the challenges of human relations. The disease has crept in to our lives as well but to a limited extent. Still, the strength of family life and strong bonding within relations is very much alive in our way of living. Each time such bizarre yet intelligent ideas emerge like this movie, I get to thank heavens that at least we do not live in any confusion about basic questions of life ie from where we have come? Where we have to go? What is our relation with our surroundings? Above all, an intact family life system.  How much these movies can affect someone can be judged by this incident. I went to see Matrix with a heathen British friend in Bracknell, UK. We were in our early 20s. On the way out of the cinema, my friend made a statement which clung in my mind,” Listen mate, I think this is it, this is my religion”.
Stay blessed and watch movies with open eyes and mind :)