Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Rohingya genocide - A victory of social media

   Burmese Muslims have finally caught the attention of media both home and abroad.  Rohingya Muslims committed one major sin by desiring to join Pakistan before 1947 which did not materialize. After 1947, they just paid the price for being Muslims. Rohingya
populace of Arakan province borders with Bangladesh. State of Bangla claims to have shown enough responsibility of accommodating around 1,40,000 Rohingya. Remaining 0.8 million Rohingya Muslims of Arakan have nowhere to go. As they escape brutalities of Burmese Monks, Bengali border security forces stop them; unfortunately they are not stopped verbally rather by force and at times warning shots are fired. They return to Burma to face greater misery.

   It is difficult to see how Muslims, or any group, could pose a threat to Myanmar's dominant religion. In this country of 51 million, 9 of 10 people are Buddhist. The Rohingya are believed to account for barely 2%.

   LA Times called him, "Buddhist Bin Laden," because Ashin Wirathu’s venomous tirades are contrary to conception of a Buddhist monk: a gentle, saffron-robed ascetic in the mold of the Dalai Lama. Wirathu, 46, in his hate speeches and Facebook posts, warned of an impending "jihad" against the huge Buddhist majority, spread rumors of Muslims systematically raping Buddhist women, called for boycotts of Muslim-owned businesses and dubbed Muslims as "snakes" and "mad dogs." In July 2011, after Wirathu wrote in a Facebook post that two Muslim brothers had raped their Buddhist maid in Mandalay, the second-largest city, an organized mob rampaged through Muslim neighborhoods. Two Muslims were killed. The maid later confessed to fabricating her story, but the swiftness of the violence and the fact that hundreds of riot police officers did not intervene led many to believe that it had been orchestrated. State is sponsoring his terrorism which has already committed genocide of hundred thousand Muslim Rohingya.

    For years, the world remained hushed up on the troubles of Burmese Muslims. However, in recent past mainstream media in the world failed to keep the lid on the issue. Because, poor of the world had found their voice on the social media. Unless highlighting an issue serves economic and vested interests of Govts and media owners, it never finds space in headlines. But social media is not bound by these limitations. Credit must go to each single person who posted on the internet in the name of humanity and broke the cruel silence of those who matter in the power matrix of the world. Social media with its vices has become the voice of voiceless. I am certain Mark Zukerberg could never imagine his facebook spearheading campaign against Muslim genocide in Myanmar but unthinkable has happened.

   Special thanks to each person for each click because echo of your clicks can be heard across the globe. Traditional habit of media to feed us what they want to feed us and patronize our thought process on issues, has received a slap in the face. All statesmen, state media, paid media and even few Muslim countries’ leadership have started voicing concerns for Rohingya Muslims. Truly, a victory of social media and triumph of humanity.