Friday, 3 July 2015

Sons of Dajjal

This Friday we shall unmask few children of Dajjal in our ranks. Remember Prophet (PBUH) predicted appearance of as much as 30 Dajjals before the last Dajjal. It is not for the first time that Islam is bombarded with a torrent of planted perverts like Mr Adullah who titles himself a Daiyee but in reality he is the offspring of Dajjal who is born before his father.  A convert to Islam at the age of 33. He was born in Christian household in Detroit USA. He is a gay by sexual orientation and sells his own version of Islam. He calls himself Imam and has opened a place which he calls mosque to spread his twisted version of Islam. While converting to Islam, probably he missed out complete chapter about Prophet Lu'ut's AS nation of Sodom. In his administration, women and men stand next to each other during a prayer and women are permitted to lead prayers. Another one of those 'wrong numbers' as PK would call it.

 But hang on, look at the munafiqs appearing on our TV screens every day of the week. It seems that an army of deviants is unleashed in Ramazan. At Iftaar time today, while flipping through cable channel, I stumbled in to Bilal Qutub's Ramadan shop. He is doing Ramadan program with great anchor of our generation Sahir Lodhi.

It was an unacceptable sight, few Maulanas wearing full make up and designer clothes were sitting across with an actress, doing combined Iftaari. Allah knows what is in anyone else's heart.  But whatever was visible in those pictures was not acceptable. It seriously contradicted the concept of 'Mehram' and 'Namehram'.  How can these Mullahs keep appearing in mix gatherings of Ramzan Shows? They are part of the greater deception. They are the tools of the greatest liar, deceiver and fitna called Dajjal. Are they not the children of Dajjal? Not only Bilal Qutb but so many other maulvis just appear in Ramazan like those monsoon frogs. The purpose of showbiz maulvis is simply to mint money in one month which should suffice for the whole year. They are more disgusting than those actresses who attend these shows. If these showbiz women do not cover their heads all year, they do not do so in Ramazan shows as well. But these maulanas, in stark contrast of what they teach everyone else perch their sorry selves in these mix gatherings of showbiz . Why don't these Maulvis bring their own women on these shows? Or Mr Qutb, the enlightened dirty face of Islam brings his family women on the show and make them sit next to these maulanas.
Prayer at Abdullah's gay shop
Notice the actress at right top corner next Munafiq Qutb
Homosexuality or heterosexuality (adultery) both have no place in our religion. I'm not jumping to false conclusions but first step to adultery is always interaction between men and women in 'conducive' environments and these Ramazan shows and Mr Abdullah is just doing that. Look at these snaps on right and below; both convey the wrong picture of Islam. Most disturbing part is that the other Maulvis are absolutely mum on this shameful display. Probably for the reason that if they speak up against this false practice, it may ruin their chances of making few bucks.
These perverts at home and abroad are no different from proponents of terrorism. Combined together, they all are damaging the most beautiful and the most balanced religion of Islam. If these sick minds are not mincing their false versions of Islam why should we not stand up for true Islam.
Maulvi has done enough damage to Islam and it is time that we accepted our  religious responsibilities. These are simple. Try and understand Islam. I wouldn't disagree if you say that there is a lot of confusion. Who should we listen to? Who could be trusted? There is massive influx of information but which part of this info is true? Here is a simple answer to this, if everything else in religion appears fabricated to you, resort to Quran. Because this one aspect of Islam was, is and will remain unaltered till the very end. Just connecting with Quran can resolve so many of our problems today.
May Allah be our Guide and Guardian.