Sunday, 25 June 2017

Fresh wave of terror & govt's response

We Elect our Rulers & in doing so set low price tag on our lives.
"I want to go home & celebrate Eid with my ppl." Nawaz Sharif after 1999.
Fast forward to June 2017, PM Nawaz Sharif chooses to celebrate Eid at London at the back of horrible terror attacks in Quetta, Parachinar, Karachi and fire at Ahmed Pur East. We saw some bizzare scenes at Luton Airport where PM with his contingent of 90 ppl including lafafa journalists asking pre-decided questions. There was no mention of horrendous terror attacks and resultant deaths in different parts of the country.
Rather it was a deliberate attempt to malign ongoing JIT proceedings. His narrative was pretty much Nihal Hashmi like in a softer more NS the munafiq type. He claimed to have asked questions from JIT like answer my questions first.
He shamelessly asked that no one returned our money of 70s. What??? Ppl were joking on social media that JIT may end up concluding that Pakistani nation owes money back to Royal Sharif family. And NS comes up with the same line. They make possible, the impossible jokes.
Such is the mindset of goons we elect ourselves to rule over us. Even his Army of Ministers & couple of K9s like (danial & talal) who continue to spit fire on TV screens in defense of their ruling gods, vanish from media & issue one liner customary condolences. Even Interior Minister who drove PM to Judicial Academy during his JIT peshi is invisible.
Even worse that 140 ppl incarcerated in a matter of seconds most of whom were out there to get their share of booty from petrol spill. Most of the cans & pots lying around the place of incident didn't have capacity more than 10 liters which is less than 7 dollars. Is this the price of Pakistani Muslim's life?
Don't we deserve it all.
We are in a state of war. At the back of spectacular win in ICC CT & Kalbhoshan's second video, some backlash was expected. Indians are targeting minority shia sect to enjoy two outcomes. One the tremors of terror could be felt across the country. Second, make shia sect feel insecure particularly with govt's cold response to incidents. It feels sometimes that they phone NS in advance to tell him, "You may proceed on vacations. We will carry out few 'controlled activities' which will not hurt your political interests. Carry on with your anti army narrative & keep all institutions under your feet. May bhaqwan be your protector."
There is no political will to fight terrorism rather entire focus of ruling elite's efforts is on impeding justice in the country. And politicians as a whole spend most of their energies protecting their 'not so hard earned money'.
A very very sad couple of days.
May Allah show mercy. May we finally decide to look inwards to see what we are doing wrong.
May we see a safe day of Eid on 26 June 2017.

Only Allah knows the whole truth.