Sunday, 19 October 2014

Political Ripples

Third month running, neither the optimistic scenario nor the pessimistic one has come to pass, however, current political power struggle in the country is anything but a stalemate. Government is following a simple policy line rather word “inaction”. Hawks in the Government ranks, in their sporadic outbursts, never miss an opportunity to antagonize the opponents. The obvious lack of imagination and haughtiness of the government ministers has already done enough to politically discredit PML (N). In a pigeon like approach, government is hoping that current wave of political
gatherings around the country will wither like Azadi March and Inqalabi Dharna. As lack of imagination may have it, this assertion lacks substance. It is the direct fall out of March/ Dharna that people have starting coming out. As a well thought out move, the leadership of PTI decided to cash in on the sentiments of people and began these mammoth Jalsas. If dots are connected, we are heading for an agitation movement in the country. Prime Minister is being stalked by GNG slogan. VIPs are already in discomfort because their undue perks and privileges are being questioned. In another big shift, previously indifferent educated lower middle class has also started taking interest in politics. Youth is already weary of stereotype politics which hurled this country in to wastelands of corruption, hereditary politics and incompetence. Social media has also offered a platform to youth to vent their feelings without a cut. These factors are snowballing the change in the country. Despite certain grey areas in decision making, credit must go to PTI and PAT for spearheading the drive for change.

PPP has made wise choice to flex their political muscle by sizeable gathering at Karachi. It served multiple purposes. Bilawal has been incarnate. PPP’s strength in Sindh has been reasserted through relatively weaker ground of Karachi. Probably this gathering was extremely necessary for PPP to stay politically relevant in political landscape. How much ground PPP has gained from this show of power, needs to be seen. The timing of this Jalsa was also important as PTI has already announced
the bid to hold their political pageants in Sindh in following month.  It was well planned and executed political move to reinvigorate their support in areas of strength. Something PML (N) failed to do in Punjab. Except Karachi, PTI has very weak presence in Sindh. PTI’s Larkana Jalsa next month will have far-reaching effects on the political balance in Sindh in particular and country in general.

Government’s inaction is being dubbed as a shrewd political posturing. How much political genius is dictating government’s political moves will unfold in due course.  The human side of the Prime Minister must be kept in mind. The sum total of his ego suggests that he might be infuriated by the GNG movement and might be cooking up a serious revenge on his own countrymen for not letting him ‘peacefully’ enjoy his third term. The sum total of his political acumen suggests that he might not budge from his stance of sticking to power ‘no matter what’. Combine the disastrous couplet of his ego and political wisdom, the emerging scenario is at best detrimental. Politics is synonymous to pragmatism. He could have traded some space for high moral ground. Would that, we someday have leadership at the helm which is capable of politics.    

It takes generations to shake the political settings. We are witnessing that golden transition in our age. Change is in the air. Status quo is in peril due to gaining inertia. PTI may be credited for flag-bearing the drive but it has to carry out some regrouping. It has to forego her addiction for fielding time tested flops of the yesteryears. If they have learnt anything from Javed Hashmi episode, they must avoid recruiting failed political ‘noteables’ when they march on Sindh next month. This habit has already cost PTI a great deal. Besides other relatively lesser chinks in their armour, they must protect their vulnerable Achilles Heel and weed out the wild undergrowth eating up on their party’s success. We have waited long and hard for change. And we must see a lasting change.