Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Imran Khan's Politics - A Tale of Missed Opportunities

Imran Khan had the first taste of public disapproval by parents of Shadeed APS children. His story is a classic of 'Missed Opportunities'. To get the next term in the center, all he had to do was to "work with and for" the ppl of KPK who trusted him with a mandate to rule over them. But part leadership remained busy with toppling the govt rather than delivering themselves. During visit to Swat few months back, I interacted with commoners of Murad Saeed's constituency, once inquired on how good or bad representative was he? They sarcastically replied that like everyone else in the country, they also see him on television otherwise he was not seen in his constituency since elections. IK too, was pre-occupied with realizing his dream to rule this country in a hurry. His personal life, about which he often reminded us that he was doing us a favour by putting behind his kids, personal life and procrastinated his second marriage etc, was at best not so true. Have a close look at his first interview with his now wife at AAJ TV, you will find that she literally battered him with her intelligence, IQ & physical presence in that interview. As the cliché goes, she came, she saw and she conquered. For IQ, btw even Meera Jee can overwhelm him. Anyway, again marriage is a personal affair but it was untimely as far as the overall situation in the country is concerned and not a wise choice for a long run. Time will tell. Among all the hustle, what must have been his primary mission ie serving the ppl of KPK, went out of the window rather it went AWOL. Now, same ppl of KPK most of whom were the aggrieved parents of Shaheed Children voiced 'Go Imran Go'. Same narrative of hatred which he championed in the country for the last six months was echoing right in his face. IK's long absence from KPK and sudden appearance with his bride offended ppl. Sensitivities of ppl of KPK must be respected, if not, then before PTI leadership knows, it will lose their confidence. KPK ppl have a history of rejecting the govt incumbent if they fail to deliver. PTI was too busy in other things and have taken KPK mandate for granted. The motorcade in which he went to APS Peshawar was a serious contradiction of his claims to eliminate VIP Culture. His overall decision making has been flawed and his incompetent advisors, like their conduct in their previous parties, did not give IK the correct advice. There is also a strange sense of euphoria about his personality, wherein, he seems convinced that he is likeable despite all his fallibilities stated above. 
His IQ, decision making, advisors, the way PTI governed over KPK, party organizational hierarchy, untimely launch of dharna/ march are all under serious scrutiny.
There was an immediate press appearance by Govt's soft spoken info miniter, Pervez Rasheed who in fact does not even deserve a mention but he too touched a serious limit when he derived some sadistic pleasure out of this situation. Animals may be ashamed of the kind of politics being played on the blood of innocent children.
IK's press conference in defense of the happenings that morning at APS Psr, was also a flop. He brought the expectation bar of ppl too high, so high that it would not be possible to live up to these expectations. When entire youth comes out to support a fair cause and their aspirations are not met, they can easily turn against you. And Pakistan is really tough country to rule. Although, I strongly believe that some one should not be failed before a test. And PTI is yet to be tested with rule over Pakistan, but the preliminary round in KPK was wasted like so many other opportunities to make a sound impression.Likewise, those five and a half points on which govt agreed at the peak of Dharna and Azadi March, will go down as a lost opportunity. Because soon after the momentum of Dharna was lost, Govt backed out on those points already agreed upon.
Like it was stated in the start, his is a classic tale of missed opportunities. Besides other frailties, political immaturity is really the Achilles's heel of Imran Khan and it is hurting the cause of PTI. Finally, even if PTI succeeds in forming govt in center during next elections (which seems unlikely as this point in time), it will fall short of expection levels of ppl. All those hopes ppl have been pinning on them may turn into bitterness reflection of which was witnessed during his reception in Peshawar APS.