Thursday, 16 April 2015

The men of cave

Many things we practice in religion will remain rituals until we understand their real spirit.
Likewise, every Friday we are told to recite Surah Al Kahf الكهف. Ever wondered why?  
Quran is a timeless guidance & its relevance to our times can best be confirmed by understanding this Surah.
In order to benefit from its marvels, a humble contribution will be made on this blog every Friday.  
Out of four main stories of Surah Al Kahf, Ashab-e-Kahf is the first. Few young men took refuge in a cave because they could not be part of a society which had gone astray. Though Islam was revealed to that society, they had the Book & teachings of The Prophet Isa (AS) عيسى عليه سلام, but they altered the guidance to serve their interests. Sounds familiar to our current situation, isn't it?
Except that young men thesedays can't stay in caves for hygiene & comfort issues.
Anyway, point to note is that in Christian & Islamic traditions, those youngmen always held an esteemed place & Allah made sure they are remembered till the Day of Reckoning. Every Friday global event of Weekly Rememrance is organized without any invitations or coordinations. Which men are remembered like this, The Real Heroes. Subhan Allah.
Irony is that we don't even know what are we reciting & why?
Another important thing that the Men of Cave were not religious scholars, da'es, ulama, zakreen, aima; they just believed in Oneness of Allah & for centuries in both religions of the Book, scholars have written volumes & volumes of material to acknowledge Ashab-e-Kahf's strength of Eman ايمان. It brings us to another important conclusion that Islam is not a collection of scholarly idea but simlpe sincere actions.
Such is the love of Allah for true believers that how ordinary may they appear but if their hearts are filled with noor of belief, Allah can make them eternal. No one really remembers the Kings who came & went once those men were sleeping in the cave, no one remembers the ministers of the time or govt officers who ran the affairs of state, no business tycoon of that time is known to anyone; just those simple men who not only believed but acted upon it as well.
O' Allah make us from amongst believers like Ashab-e-Kahf, so that we get some of that special love of Yours that you showed for the men of cave. Ameen