Sunday, 12 April 2015

Am I Using facebook or Otherwise?

There is a serious need to check the use of social websites before it becomes an addiction. Today, lock yourself in interrogation room of your conscience & question:-
Why do I use facebook?
Should I not focus on real people around me?
Is it not disrespectful that I am surrounded by friends, colleagues & family; yet I prefer to look for updates of my virtual friends?
Are there not enough websites for videos, quotes, funny videos & quotes, articles, news channels & so on?
Was the world not a better place without social networking?
Why should you be available for friendship like a pet yearning for attention of his owner?
Should those who value you, not try & seek you out to maintain contact?
Do I do it just because everyone else I know does it?
Does it not then make me a slave of trend?
Though it makes me look trendy but does it not the case with designer clothes & other stuff which we think keeps us relevant?
Who is getting richer with each click?
Why do you need recognition & likes of others for what you've got?   
Why should you spend time & money to find out "whats on people's minds"?
Do you know what was the underlying purpose of Zukerberg while launching facebook?
If you know, then do you not find it demeaning that he thought everyone just wanted to get laid (eventually)? Was he not a kid with no intellectual base when he launched facebook just to make money?         
Is he not doubly hypocritical by sharing every single user's info with intelligence agencies for money?  
Have they not used personal info of users for spying?
Is it just an innocent socializing tool, a thing of divine or devil's trickery?
Why should you share blessed moments of your family with others?
Why should we put our kids on display?
Is it not insensitive to people who do not have kids or lost a kid?
Is it not inviting envy of "friends" on your list, as envy can take the better of anyone being the worst of human attributes?
Should we not just thank Allah, fear our kids' well being?  
Should you not just pay gratitude for what you have got & show respect to "friends" on your list who may not be blessed with those things you want to brag about?
Posting "Was at Pearl Continental or shopping at Khaadi", Is it not like that annoying rich relative who eats at a fancy restaurant or buys an expensive new item & wants everyone to know it?
Does it (the urge to share your pics & good moments) not respresent low self esteem?
Is virtual socializing a need or necessity?
Does it not impact our lives in predominantly negative ways?
Should it shape our lives or should we take control of our lives?
Should we embrace it as a modern day life challenge or should we resist it?
Is facebook a fitna or a blessing?  
Is Asad Jamal leaving facebook or like our imam masjid he just wants everyone else to quit it? :)    

He may :)

The purpose & answer to these questions is that an application in a smart phone should not dictate how we have to live our lives. We must be in control of our choices because there will be questions & accountability for each & every choice we make.
Stay Blessed