Monday, 4 May 2015

Abuse of freedom of speech

Allah has placed Muhammad, Peace & blessings be upon Him, above every other human created, so your little competition in Texas can take nothing away from His high status, rather your sordid lives will get more miserable. You may draw attention in Western media & stir hatred across Muslim World but your joy will be short like that sinful orgasm which always has immediate & long term consequences. From this moment on you will live like fugitives on the run & once the chase is over, you will be despatched to rot in Hell forever.
Look!!! I don't want you to die like a rat running for his life, but you are asking for it. We are some crazy lovers, we Muslims. We love this guy named Muhammad too much. So much that it exceeds the limits of your imagination. Love is a crazy game you know. Some lovers are just too extreme, some one will cross those normal bounds & will hunt you down. You have to understand the mechanics & intensity of our love before you embark upon such a dangerous journey that only logically ends in your doom.
Freedom of speech means respect to us, but strangely enough, you being the leading civilization at the pinnacle of human knowledge & intellect, have interpreted it as 'Disrespect' to sensitivities of nearly quarter of earth's population, I seriously think your way of thinking is seeing a serious decline. This decline will mark the beginning of the end of Western Civilization.