Friday, 15 May 2015

Media trickery

If I were the Devil in 21st Century, I will find a way to preach my message in every household. I would require a system of enticing, exciting, luring, deceiving, distracting and trapping people through fast and reliable communication means. These communication means are world-wide-web and electromagnetic waves supplying cable channels to almost every person on planet.

I’m not saying these are devilish tools. But they can easily become devil’s tools when those running the affairs of media houses have no morals and values. We have the right to be aware. of their trickery. We have the right to resist such assaults on our lives. That is only possible when we are aware how he is playing his trickery nowadays.  

Im sure you know media is playing you up. It is playing with your life. It is trying to control your mind. There are few deep thinkers, few intelligent minds who are behind success of media. They have to make money;  you have to spend money so that they make more money.  They need sponsor. They have omitted the word responsibility from their diction. They are a small group of monsters. They are just playing with your mind. They are patronizing you. They are imposing a way of life on you. They are indoctrinating you to think, live, enjoy, work, fashion…everything they are feeding in to your mind since childhood. They infatuated your imagination when you were a child and played cartoons for you. You craved for attention in your growing years, they showed you movies and taught you some romantic moves. Their deception is so strong that these words sound like bull-crap of a loser. Such is the grip of this menace. People are waiting for Dajjal, but they don’t even realize he is among them. Dajal means trickery, we despite all our progress, live in an age of trickery.  We have far left behind the age of reason. Look around, which video goes viral on internet these days?  No real surprise when you know its either some obscene joke or something which is totally meaningless. We are developing a taste for nonsense. We socialize with friends and family through that nonsense.  Since Whatsapp is comparatively secure way of social networking, people are sharing total filth on it. Is this the height of knowledge and sophistication we have achieved so far? I was surprised when I joined a group of friends who demanded putting something obscene as a pre-condition of acceptance. It is getting out of control.

What we can do in this precarious scenario? We must be aware of it. We should be able to protect our families from the underlying deception of media. Even if we watch something, we must remain critical. We must look for those enticers that media uses for luring us. Look, entire media in this country has announced mourning. All cable channels are displaying black logos, showing solidarity with Ismalilis of the country after horrific incident of Safoora Chowk, Karachi. But you see, they are playing dance and music in all the advertisements being run. Why because turning logo black does not cost them anything rather generates goodwill for the company but not playing those ads will cost them money. They cannot compromise on money.

Journalism used to be a noble profession. Print media columnist and editors have joined the race for making money. They have switched to electronic media but lust for money has seriously compromised the quality of material in every genre of media. Entire world is engulfed in the sea of western media and western way of thinking which takes its roots in materialism. We do not even have materialism in its pure form. We are trying to adopt the remains is western materialism. We are becoming the wastelands of western way of thinking. We are losing strength of our value system and adopting a way of life not ours. A ‘lemon tree’ will never yield melons and vice versa.