Sunday, 1 November 2015

PTI- change or perish

Results of Local Bodies’ Elections 2015 have sent a strong message that PTI’s slogan of ‘change’ has been laid to rest. PTI supporters will again come up with ‘moral victory’ speech that against the odds they did extremely well or it is never easy challenging the sitting govt and excuses of such kind. If it may be asked from PTI, where is the Tsunami? Tsunami is meant to sweep the population away. It does not look for post-election excuses. It also seems that the metaphor has lost luster anyway. Problem is not with PTI supporters but its leadership, which refuses to learn from her mistakes. I have been a stern critic of PTI and it leadership, not for fun or grudge; but I felt this country and its people deserved change. That was only possible if PTI had changed her ways. Change is such a fascinating slogan, it can work its magic on most developed democracies like USA where Barrak Obama spelled his magic through slogan of change and inhabited White House for eight years. Unfortunately, PTI is not ready to lend an ear to any advice, let alone constructive criticism. It does not give the scribe any pleasure criticizing and then rubbing the salt by saying, ‘see, I was right about your wrongs’. I feel sorry for the country and its people.
Fact of the matter is that PTI has done well in Local Bodies’ Elections of KPK but vast majority of this nation is voting for PML N (Punjab) & PPPP (Sindh). So what is different about PTI? Like, other two major parties, PTI has won elections in the province where it has resource and power. Collection of political garbage of past and giving positions to people in party according to the size of their pocket(whether Swati, Aleem or Tareen) will change nothing. So change slogan is dying its own death. What needs to CHANGE is PTI’s leadership. But there is no silver bullet for over-confidence, immaturity, lack of political vision and poor decision making. Even if Imran Khan changes his close advisors it will not change his false impression of larger than life image of himself. Besides, those advisors who did not raise their hand when IK was jumping in to a blind well (second marriage) but when they saw IK’s mood of separation, they all agreed to the idea in the greater interest of the party.
Unfortunately, there will be no sea change in General Elections 2018. People, do not be surprised in two years’ time when same old parties will do what they do best i.e. Punjab to Noon, Sindh to PPPP, Karachi to MQM, Balochistan a hung result like always but what may surprise you, will be the result of KPK.
Like always, we shall leave PTI with some advice for CHANGE.
1.       Stop worrying about changing Pakistan. Change PTI to become a dependable political party.
2.       Live up to the ideology of Justice. Your selling point is not election rigging of others but Justice for people. Exercise your own best judgment juxtapose rigging allegations against justice in the country. Logically,  justice will sell more and for long.
3.       It must be clear by now that Imran Khan is not larger than life. He is prone to mistakes in personal and political arena. He needs some tough counseling or in-house-discussion with his aides in an open and candid environment. He needs to correct his bearing now or it will be too late.
4.       IK must stop slandering others. He publicly appealed to feel his pain on separation but he never lets go any opportunity to pounce on others. Double hypocritical standards must stop now. How can your pain be greater than others’.
5.       People of Pakistan have rejected PTI at grass-root level. Instead of crafting excuses, they again have to look inwards for answers. Establish PTI as a party of common people away from GT Road. Big showings in Jalsas in a constituency will not earn people’s vote. If 50 odd PTI loyalists from each district (most of whom are nothing but opportunists, investing today to make hay when sun shines on PTI) show up in every jalsa of PTI in the country, will always make good spectacle but they need to win elections through winning votes of people of the same constituency.
6.       Get rid of baggage from political waste of the past. Introduce merit in party and re-organize on battle footing.
We want Pakistan to change for the sake of coming generations. If PTI fails to change her attitude towards politics, 2018 will be her last general election. The party will either cease to exist because all those investors are running out of money and patience to hang on to it or become a second string political party without any significant role in national politics.