Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Paris attacks-a perspective

Paris attacks were horrific and condemnable. However, we are not bound to sing to the tunes of western media. From a fighting orphan, ISIS went on to create larger state than Syria and Iraq. ISIS revenue rocketed from 1 million USD per month in 2008 to 3 million USD per day in 2014. Growth, capacity and threat of ISIS was misread by modern intelligence agencies and it proved fatal. Writing was on the wall. Terrorist attack on Europe was coming long time. Someone missed out telltale signs of Paris attacks because mass migration was already hustling Europe. Handling mass march of refugees was something for which Europe was not ready as Europeans had gone too complacent to handle a humanitarian crisis. The very way of life which is the center of gravity of Western civilization, suddenly becomes its Achilles when homegrown terrorists attack them. Multi ethnic composition of Europe is eating up on it. Ostensibly, Europe likes to be called a multi ethnic society but reality is far from truth. Europe has already become the soft underbelly of Western Civilization. On personal experience, white people are absolutely convinced of their  superiority over the rest. This fallacy is so deeply rooted that they will term this observation, sheer lunacy. Humans are by birth equal yet few believe to be superior owing to their skin and resource. An absurdity, with which they live all their lives. Though ISIS had been concurrently taking on Middle Eastern countries, Turkey, Russia, North African countries but never showed enough teeth for Europe but it came to pass in Paris through collusion of its homegrown terrorists and ISIS command (again European Muslims). But see how France was able to bomb Syria within 36 hours of terrorist attacks on its soil. This brings us to the unjust ways of the West which firmly exude that life of a Westerner is far superior to remaining. As long as intoxication of superiority persists, injustice will befall the world and as long as injustice persists, world will see conflicts. People will blame ISIS’ twisted ideology for that but if seen with impartiality, its more about economics and less about ideology. If it was about ideology then war devastated Syrians would have migrated to their ideological hubs in Hijaz and Persia but they opted to head West for better economic prospects. West is also confused why homegrown Muslim kids prefer 'medieval ideology' over their refined way of life? This is where multi ethnic Europe needs to look inwards.
War clouds are looming large over Syria. US and her NATO allies are limbering up for delivering a decisive blow to ISIS. It is just a matter of time when France may push for invoking Article 5 which if paraphrased in French tradition of three musketeers states, ‘one for all and all for one’. In simple words, an attack on a NATO country would be taken as an attack on entire NATO. In the meantime, after re-asserting her importance as a global player, Russia began assuming role of world leadership by bombing ISIS and anti Assad (funded by west) in Syria. Since then, her stature grew in the region. For US, matching Russia’s role in ME was withheld by imminent presidential elections and reluctance of Obama administration to avoid political fallout if they physically attacked ISIS. However, attack on Paris offered a breathing space to US to rally up NATO allies and Russia. US was yearning for lost space in world politics and Paris attacks gave her opportunity to once again play leading role on world scene. US did not waste time on reaching out to Russia on ousting Bashar-al-Assad but Russia is firm on backing him. Though fate of Syria had already been sealed when US funded religious factions in Arab Spring, but they could not have imagined that this adventure(or should we call it a misadventure) would boil down to creation of ISIS. As the cliché goes, history repeats itself and ironically it appears true. Osama bin Laden was invented, equipped, glorified, demonized and smoked out by US allies. ISIS is likely to share the same fate, except that ISIS has bigger coffers than Al Qaeda and may pose greater danger. All signs augur a short game set on hard hitting and immediate elimination of ISIS and long game of government formation (with or without Bashar-al-Assad) through soft diplomatic route.
Before we look for a way forward, Marshall Plan deserves a mention. After World War One, Germany was brought to her knees. Soon, Germany pulled herself together and on first given opportunity fiercely struck back. But on conclusion of World War Two, US came up the genius of Marshall Plan according to which Germany and Japan were brought back to their feet through economic support. Germany, over a period of time seamlessly fused in to Europe as if 60 million people never died in horrendous war. Recover plan was only parially applied on Afghanistan and Iraq. But application lacked political will as US was looking for an honorable exit, not a proper rehabilitation plan. Economic disparity and deprivation is the greatest tool of this twisted terrorist ideology. If parts of the world ravaged by West in recent past are not brought back to their feet in economic terms then sequel of Jihadi saga will continue. First Al Qaeda, now ISIS who knows what will follow.
Someone wittingly remarked and it made sense, ‘as long as West continues to impose her brand of democracy on Middle East and rest of the world, ISIS and likes will continue to take their brand of Shariah to Europe’.  In reality, both are wrong. Both crossed lines. Both paid the price. Yet, for any good to come to this world we live in, both need to change their approach to this matter.
Only Allah knows the whole truth. This is just a perspective. It may not comply with your thoughts. Please do leave a comment for everyone’s education.