Sunday, 5 March 2017

Cricket, politics and Imran Khan

IK was once a 'champion cricketer' &  a 'play-boy' of London nightclubs who now leads Justice Movement( تحریک انصاف) in Pakistan. Many saw him as a breath of fresh air amid rotten politics of Noon, PPZ (Peoples Party Zardari), Q League & other nationalist/ ethnic parties. However, Imran Khan owing to his arrogant & egoistic madness made many political crash landings and somehow survived. There were always question marks over his political acumen and resultant decision making, whereas in his cricket days, he knew his game. In politics he has been below par. His latest childish and irrational opposiotion of PSL 2 Finale at Lahore further exposed his leadership vulnerabilities. His temperamental issues are more serious. He has now lost respect for foreign guests who were here to play cricket, a game that gave identity to Imran Khan. Its a disrespectful gesture to both guests and cricket.
His politics is good because people who donot matter, hate corruption and not for his political decision making like first or second dharna calls. Rather it thrives on hatred for corrupt politics and godsent opportunities like Panama Leaks. No wonder if this opportunity also goes begging due to stiff neck leadership of IK. So after consistently making political blunders, he is at the verge of losing his respect as a cricketer as well.
With this level of immaturity, it would be a disaster to put country at disposal of a bigot who does not accept counsel. Insafians may think that this post is politically motivated or less fanatic PTI supporters would raise typical questions like 'what is the alternative?'. They may go through other posts of the scribe on the subject which contain way forward for PTI alongside shenanigans of Mr Noon & his forty thieves.
Apart from few good things in KPK, mostly, IK's politics' is fraught with wrongs. Wrong army of weird advisers. Wrong  collection of political waste of past. Wrong approach to grass root politics. Resultantly, PTI continues to lose political ground & moral authority. PTI is no more a fresh breath of political air which came with a lot of promise.
Despite entering political arena for over 20 years, IK at best could be called a political novice. Instead of cashing in on govt's let ups, he resorted to 'non-political' means like agitation and sucking up to the establishment etc.  He showed a lot of teeth without having the capacity to bite.
Now the alternative of IK should come from PTI's CEC and anyone out of them would be a sensible alternative of grumpy old IK. However, if status quo persists, PTI & her passionate Insafians are going nowhere.
It is also a fact that NS could not play good cricket, however, he made record breaking three times PM whereas, our world champion, charismatic Khan sb is still day-dreaming about his first premiership jackpot.
Politics & cricket are a different ball game and IK should avoid giving "politically incorrect" statements that may cast aspersions on his legendary status in cricket. He could have attended that PSL 2 Final which might have added to his stature as a cricketer & a politician. Because politics may not be his forte but he was a great cricketer and we would love to remember him as such.
Only Allah knows the whole truth.