Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Welcome to the era of Trumpanization. Donal Trump triumphed in US general election 2016, however, in the process Trumpists and Anti Trump have come face to face many a times in past 14 months. Now that Mr President has the state security apparatus on his disposal, Anti Trump forces face an uphill task to register meaningful resistance.
The world is literally awe-Trumped. US allies and rest of the world is equally confused. Even the US citizens (less Trumpists), particularly immigrants whether naturalised and illegal are apprehensive or frightened.
For a start like Talibanization or terrorism, Trumpanization is not going to change the map of the world. It only involves high egos, hatred and gaining political space. He came to power through slogans like, ' Let's make America great again' with undercurrents of white supremacy. Besides, Chinese have hugely disappointed capitalist west. Chinese adopted capitalism and refused to adopt westernization because their own civilization is stronger than hollow western ways of life. Wealth is now flowing from west to far east. That is the reason west (Europe and US) is reverting to protectionism i.e. money and jobs to stay in west. Brexit was the first step in that direction followed by rise of right wing parties in Europe and then Trump triumph.
Interestingly, US is hostage to its own democratic values which Trump does not respect because he is not a politician. It was strange to see people protesting in numbers in US without political leadership of Democratic Party let alone Hillary Clinton. Democracy as a system of government might have not seen such a low in US. People are out on the roads and no one paid heed to their voice. It is worst than third world countries.
What Trump did to mainstream 'fake media' was also interesting. Media has also become a Frankenstein of our age which proclaims to be holier than pope and god. Trump has made them to taste their own badmouth curry.  
Apparently, there is nothing wrong with it if a nation wishes to keep jobs and business inside its territory. But the problem Trump's approach to this issue and how people react to it.
It is highly commendable that he does not want Muslims to visit US. Muslims should have some self respect and avoid going there. Muslims who live there have only one reason to leave there native countries, which is to suckle on better economic opportunities and a better way of life.