Saturday, 29 April 2017

Post Panama Politics of Nawaz Sharif

After getting some respite in Panama Case, Mr Nawaz Shrif has started showing his true colours. His tone and tenor is getting aggressive and desperate. Probably, he can see the writing on the wall and finds no other way out then to play his favourite sport of maligning Army. His past conduct and present posturing suggest that for every demise in past, he holds Army responsible. Apprently, he thinks that Army is the only impediment to him completing his last term as PM. What else would you expect from him & his advisors except low grade grudgy politics.
Couple of hot issues indicate his frivilous mindset:
Firstly, to stir up the political landscape, making purposeful showing of Sajjan Jindal at Murree instead of Jati Umra. Looking at few tweets of Mr Jindal against Pak Army, it is obvious why Mr Noon is making a public showing of Jindal, besides downplaying immigration laws of his own country as his guest held no valid visa to visit Murree.
Secondly, PM office's notification on Dawn Leaks, treating it like a routine matter. As if nothing significant had happened. Interior Minister was harping his own take on issue & Fawad Hassan Fawad was doing his own bit, thus creating total confusion. This situation relects either lack of coordination or deliberate concoction. Later seems credible with Nawaz Sharif's style of politics. Instead of implementing JIT recommendations & sharing the contents of report with nation, they leaked PM house  notification  to media even before it could reach concerned secretaries. Was it not enough that Army let go his daughter on Dawn Leaks. As per tacit understanding remaining culprits had to go through thorough investigations & face consequences. However, the same Mariam Bibi continues to cook conspiracies inside PM House with the help of her 'Media Cell'. And see the kind of rubbish that media team is producing. But she seems to be enjoying her version of 'Mera Sultan'.
The underlying purposes of current week's political gimmicks aimed to dis-credit Army. The salient are:
1. Distract & confuse everyone on Panama & embroil state functionaries in to non-issues.
2. Garner outside support from his tested friends in India & resonate the echo of the same in US through paid lobbiests. His job gets easier with deep-rooted disgust of India & US for Pak Army.
3. Keep intact fleeting Noon support on pretext of Army hatred (as there is nothing else to show for).
4. Antagonize army & then show his superficial magnanimity by reconciliation on issue for favourable bargain.
5. Undermine the viability of Panama JIT.
6. Push the situation to a point where Army is forced to withdraw her members from Panama JIT. Or at least, malign her so bad that JIT findings (of ISI & MI only) appear prejudiced.
7. Gain time to touch the finish line & somehow complete the term.
Some would argue that he is aiming for Siasi Shahadat but his love for chair & hatred for army is too strong. Secondly, this is his last term as PM. Later, even if his own daughter takes office, it would not mean as much as he would love to prolong his stay in office. It is sad that he is our PM but we only have ourselves to blame. Due to his inbuilt self-destruct button,  he cannot be credited for making this far in to third term; it may be attributed to IK's lack of political acumen.

Lastly, a three time PM in any other country would act as a figurehead of the nation. He could sit back and give valuable advice on matters of nationsl interest. But Nawaz Sharif with his myopia has been exhausting his energies on conquering his own Army. A weird wish that may never see fruition.

It seems Nawaz Sharif sees Army as Pharoe. He grew in Army's lap and the sooner he got power, his only wish had been to bring Army down. But the problem is that he ain't no Moses.

Please disagree & help improve my thoughts.

Only Allah knows the whole truth.