Friday, 23 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo-Favourite Magazine of Spin Doctors

Im not writing these lines out of anger but out of pity for few Westerners who are being manipulated without realizing the idiocy of their claims. In the game of power, economy dictates everything and religion is the best tool to exploit it.
In past, Charlie Hebdo inflicted insult on every single Muslim in the planet by showing disrespect to our beloved Prophet ( Peace & blessings of Allah be upon Him). In turn, lost the very cartoonist, who were better of alive, if they drew cartoons for common good of humanity. But they took an extreme step in the garb of the most ridiculous slogan of our age 'Freedom of Expression'.
Entire West rallied behind Charlie Hebdo and they got carried away. They hurled another insult, drew again & pain will come their way again. This is not just a gut feeling but a logical conclusion.
Charlie Hebdo is responsible for bloodshed bcoz they initiated this row. For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction. Ironically, ppl at the magazine believe they hail from 'civilized' (part of the) world yet they continue to insult 1.6 Billion Muslims across the globe.
Here is a little lesson of civility from a less civilized ppl, an insult does not take away respect & honour of anyone let alone Muhammad (Peace & Blessings of Allah be upon Him), it only reflects your insecurity & poor state of mind. 24/7, His name echoes with reverence in every corner of the world if you keep in mind the prayer calls in shifting time zones.
This practice shall continue till the end of times & this is just one example.  
We dare you for an intellectual engagement bcoz violence was not the way of our Beloved Prophet PBUH. The slogan 'freedom of expression' is a sham, a favourite phrase of spin doctors these days.
Look at the double standards in this picture.  
Respect is much greater virtue and having complete command over good and bad language, I choose to follow the path of my Prophet PBUH, ie respect and restraint. If this does not appeal you then just listen to the Pope Benedict on what he had to say on Paris incident.
Little food for thought can be drawn from the the laws of defamation in every constitution of the world. Every single person on the planet has a right to protect his good name irrespective of his status & lineage. How can the most respectable name in world be mocked  by few western bigots. But if bigotry is what we are faced with then we (who have the advantage of being less civilized :)) have loads of it. Finally, for nervous little french at Hebdo, you are being used for the wrong reasons but if you choose to continue with the nonsense, then brace yourself for nonsense but you may not be able to tell your story once it comes your way. Same will be the story of the proponents of Je Suis Charlie movement. For as long as West will chant Je Suis Charlie, there will be stronger chants of Je Suis Kouachi.

Incidents like these put Muslims living in West in a real quandary. Particularly, those expats who had migrated for better opportunities and better ways of life, don't really know how to react? Whether its action of magazine administration or reaction of extremists, whoever they condemn or support, has ramifications. Obviously, winning bread is their core issue because of which they exiled themselves & continue to soak the daily abuse in foreign lands. Their loyalties are neither with the western way of life nor religion. They worship the economic God who feeds them. However, dispassionate view will reveal that Charlie Hebdo and religious zealots, both are extremists. The freedom of expression that fails to respect religious sensitivities of 1.6 billion living individuals is nothing but extremism. Likewise, those who lack faith in the strength of their Emaan & method of their Prophet (May peace & blessings of Allah be upon Him) resort to violence are extremists. Both extremist mindsets are required to rethink their approach to the issue. Problem with any kind of extremism is that it is born of hatred & ignorance. It is only capable of breeding more hatred.