Monday, 2 February 2015

10 Things I Hate About Daily SMS

Daily SMS to all contacts on the list :
1. Can make it very obvious that you have an SMS bundle & someone has to be at the receiving end of those free SMS for entire month/ year.     
2. Can lead to assertion that you are desperate to maintain contact.
3. Can be an inexpensive tool for PR but cheap tools yield useless PR.
4. Can be annoying bcoz recepients might not be interested in those daily quotes of the day which mobile company sent you free of cost. Bcoz they know you have a passion for sending SMS & you will be tempted to forward those irrelevant pearls of wisdom to all your contacts, thereby, increasing their daily SMS circulation.
5. Can conflict with state of mind of recepient like a happy message at a sad moment & vice versa.
6. Can interfere with private time of the recepient. They might sleep late on weekend but your customary early morning SMS might disturb their sleep.
7. Can be boring bcoz those SMS lack personal touch. Those are not your thoughts for your friend/ colleague or relatives on the contact list. Those are someone else's thoughts & you are trying to impose on everyone on your list.
8. Can remain unread for ever. Just bcoz sending SMS is a cheaper method, it should not be frequented so much that the whole practice loses its real spirit.
9. Can raise your expectation level that recepient may reciprocate in kind. Whereas, recepient chooses inaction &  begins to place you among low esteem cases.
10. Can happen that finally you send an important SMS & the person deletes it without reading like your daily junk message. Just like the Shepherd Boy & the Wolf story. 
SMSing is here to stay. It has already become a permanent feature of our lives. Yet, a dignified use of SMS will retain value of maintaining contact with our loved ones in a more intimate & personal way.