Saturday, 7 February 2015

Senate Elections- Fresh Oath, New Resolve

House of Cards in West and Raj Neeti in East are synonymous to Dirty Politics. If you are interested in superlative form i.e Dirtiest Politics, have a look at the political landscape of Pakistan. Since Senate elections are around the corner, political gutters have started oozing the filth.
Exact half of upper house i.e. 52 out 104 senators complete their tenure of six years. . Election of fresh lot is due in first week of March 2015. Lobbying for the senate tickets is in full swing. Political parties are short listing the faithful applicants. Unlike general elections of National Assembly, senators are elected by existing members of legislators with equal representation of all provinces. This puts party leaders (the dictators) in driving seat.
On the sidelines of senate elections, ugly face of our politics and politicians is coming to fore.
As if existing energy crisis, corruption, nepotism, terrorism etc were not enough, govt opponents have put govt on the spot. Governor Punjab, who was obviously a misfit, is back in pavilion. Everyday scams of govt are surfacing like presence of Mian Mansha and Saif ur Rehman in every singing of business/ energy deal. Construction of 150 million bomb proof wall at Jati Umra. Leasing of precious land to police lines inside Raiwind Estate. Legislation of mutation on land sales in Jati Umra. Reefer of Chotay badshah. List of the recent scams is very long for a short blog.
Federal govt felt the heat and began pressing hard on PPP and MQM. Baldia Town incident popped up with clear involvement of MQM. MQM's customary but nervous backtracking did not come as a surprise.  Police and Rangers officials dispatched to UAE to apprehend Uzair Baloch to shake up PPP. Guess what, PPP and MQM have joined hands in Sindh for Senate elections just last night.
PTI's decision to compete for senate seats reflects her willingness to become part of the status quo. Then what was the whole fuss of dharna about.
Amid this political cocktail, mainstream media is playing its usual criminal role. They continue to show us the falsehood. No one is ready to take on MQM. No one is ready to speak the truth. No one seems to have the moral courage to spot the blemishes in our political system. Most of columnist are on payroll of the mainstream political parties and their job is keep people confused and guessing about the real issues. They keep circling around the real issues but never hit the core. Their deal with devil is way too strong.

Question may arise why these parties are sweating for seats in senate?
Why Senate elections are so important?
In simplest terms, it gives political parties a constant share in booty of Pakistan. No legislation except money bill can be passed unless senate upholds it. Faithful servants of parties after years of boot polishing find a chair in senate and they are used as tools by the party leaders. Senate is the most useless institution in our current political set up. The amount of filth circulating before senate elections shall give you a measure of importance political parties associate with them. An institution useless for country and nation but extremely useful to the benefit of political goons.
Ironically, the oath a senator takes before his commissioning to the august house consists of quite noble vows. However, those words have never been respected by any of them. Just to refresh

"I, -------REHMAN MALIK-------------------------------------* do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Pakistan:That, as a member of the Senate, I will perform my functions honestly, to the best of my ability, faithfully, in accordance with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the law, and the rules of the Senate, and always in the interest of the sovereignty, integrity, solidarity, well-being and prosperity of Pakistan:

That I will strive to preserve the Islamic Ideology which is the basis for the creation of Pakistan:

And that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Islamic Republic"