Monday, 9 February 2015

PTI vs MQM - Futile Fight

Another unwise political move by immature leadership of PTI. On issue of Baldia Town, war of words with MQM is a futile activity. Disadvantages are numerous, like :-
1. MQM can now play her favourite mud-slinging sport. Now they have some political entity to blame for their woes. Before PTI's verbal attacks, nervous anxiety of MQM was visible.
2. PTI's un-necessary plunge in to this mess will not yeild any tangible results rather a cheap old political point scoring effort. But the amount of filth MQM is throwing back at them is detrimental to the stature of PTI leadership which is already living on a false popularity boom.
3. Govt has finally got a breather after a long long time. Just look at the happy faces of govt mouthpieces. PTI has also done govt a huge favour.
4. PPP govt in Sindh is also chilling now. They had locked horns with MQM but then Theory of Necessity necessitated an immediate reconciliation with MQM on Senate elections. PPP was looking for a face saving and PTI came for her rescue.
5. Since PTI had decided to resort to conventional politics by opting to contest Senate election. Issue of MQM needed to be approached the same way.MQM is a deep seated cancer, simple war of words means acknowleding they are a  political entity / force and inadvertantly strengthening their right of existence. They can be weeded out systematically not through boisterous press conferences. 
6. MQM has become more than a Bitter Sweet Pill now. It has recruited boys of above average intelligence from slums of Karachi and is looking after their progression in personal & professional lives. Some have already made it to the sensitive appointments. Just critically monitor their gimmicks and you will be amazed after connecting the dots. For this kind of organized criminality, amatuer politics of PTI is a child's play.
7. PTI's reaction has prompted assumptions that of Third Umpire is pulling the strings casting aspersion on her political credibility. Scribe does not subscribe to such assumptions but PTI has to blame her leadership for weak decisions.   
8. MQM is part of the problem and not the root cause of all problems. Being a national party, PTI should focus on national issues. Such regional issues will be addressed in natural course of things once election reforms are affected. This was the story line of PTI few months ago and now again they are singing to the tunes of unwise.
9. Finally, for exuberant followers of the Captain, who think they must take MQM to task. You cannot browbeat MQM with in this game. In words of  George Bernard Shaw, "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."

PTI walo...please think before you speak and act. Many people still pin their hopes with you as saviours. Lack of political acumen and desired maturity in important decisions has been a grey area and a serious point of concern. This habit can prove costly towards achieving political goals and PTI may fall short in meeting people's aspirations. Your politics should be better than MQM and likes.