Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Road Connecting Mind & Heart

Allah is between You & your heart
He puts up right next to your heart

Not exactly inside, but on periphery
Waiting that you let Him inside heart

He chose to stay there and monitor
what goes in and out of your heart

So near, yet so far; But Allah keeps  
His promise, lets you choose at will
Definitely, you see Him, each time 
you see with the eye of the heart

Open the eye of your heart, and see
the true incumbent of your heart

Apparently, a pumping device, in truth
Allah's dwelling, how lucky is the heart

Let in the rightful Owner of your heart
The Owner of you along with your heart

Devil is between Your Mind and heart
Misleads mind against advice of heart                                                                       
Manipulates best part of good judgement
the 'snake' up your sleeves, enemy of heart

Devil has no control over your mind
convincing you for wrong, his real craft

May Allah protect us from devil's ambush
On 'Empty' little road between mind & heart