Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pakistan Has Spoken

How long will I continue to bear the burden of others’ wars?  I am struggling for my survival, I only need this favour, to be left alone this time. My poor people pay taxes. Their hard earned money taken away as tax is wasted due to poor decision making. Oh hang on, are you not doing the same thing except that you think Saudis will pay for it. If money is all you are serving then what will be difference between you and Taliban, the paid mercenaries? It never starts as your war, but it eventually becomes your war. Why are you not learning? My whole west is hurting. My East is vulnerable. Iran is not a reliable friend. China is friend for unavoidable interests. Afghanistan on my West is volatile. I am running the cancer of terrorism. Excruciating Hurt of my 141 innocent angels is taxing my heart. I have such inept managers that I am losing value. You have to stop this. Those of you listening have to do something.

Look Saudi Arabia and Iran are two power houses of the region. Their proxy war to push for influence in the region has intensified. None of them is ready to let go. Iran has brought northern belt of Arab world to its fold which includes Northern Iraq, Syria (though war has changed the landscape yet predominantly Shia state) and Southern Lebanon up to shores of Mediterranean. Iran has presence in Bahrain and Qatar, also flexing her muscle in rest of Arabian Peninsula. Al Saud are doing all they can to check their advance. Saudi attack on Yemen is part of the same story. Zaidi Huthis supported by Iran have strong presence in North of Yemen. They have already taken over Sa’na, the capital of Yemen. Yemeni President Hadi fled to Saudia and pleaded for Saudi attack on Yemen. There are other players as well. Ex-president Saleh and his loyalists and mostly feared part of Al Qaeda is also present in Yemen. Besides, IS has also started showing presence in Yemen. Amid this complicated situation, west has completely rallied around Saudis. My name is among the frontrunners in backing Saudis. Why you are not getting the point? Your reverence for Holy Places in KSA is being mistaken for your undue loyalty for Al Saud.

Wrangling between Saudi Arabia and Iran may appear as sibling fight over the cake where each one wants to have the bigger piece of the cake but it has grown in magnitude. Now
they have grown into regional giants. In clash of titans as this, I stand no significance. Both are fighting economic war in the garb of ideology which is less obvious in Iran’s case. Both have immense tourism industry due to presence of revered sites in Iran and Holy Places in KSA. In this equation, KSA does not require marketing but Iran does because of her fewer followers. Either clergy in Iran has not advised the State of Iran to stop meddling in others’ affairs or the State does not listen to it, both ways it is obvious that Iran is following an expansionist policy line, wherein, it may not focus on territorial gains but sectarian ingress will serve the purpose. Greater number of followers, greater influence, greater number of visitors, more tourism, better economy. Iran wants to take home all.

Both have to identify the common enemy. Will a Saudi attack on Israel be supported as vigorously as the West is rallying behind them right now? Never. Who is benefitting from
face off between Saudi Arabia and Iran? If the conflict goes to next level, the whole region of Middle East will suffer. Naturally, Iran and Saudi Arabia face the brunt but weaker players like me will weaken further.

I am not Sunni nor Shia nor any other denomination. I am just Muslim Pakistan. I respect all those who have difference of opinion in worship methods of same God. Rasool Allah PBUH was Muslim, I am proud to be Muslim. But your conflict of interests on economics and regional hegemony is no good for me. I am your loving brother. I wish you good. I can't stand next to a brother who is going out to fight another one of my brothers.