Sunday, 1 June 2014

Qadri, Imran and Change in Pakistan

Mr Tahir Ul Qadri has put his claims to "Flip the Paradigm and Shake the Status Quo" in serious jeopardy by sitting Ch Pervez Elahi on one side and Ch Shujaat Hussain on the other. This is not a superstition but a proven reality of our politics that Ch bros are the epitome of Insincerity in Pak Politics. Tahir ul Qadri may be a great religious scholar, an authority on Hadith and an unmatched orator, but Politics does not seem to be his cup of Tea. In his early attempt to roll over the SYSTEM, he was Duped by MQM and this time Q League ( for whom “The Opportunists” is an understatement) have jumped the Qadri Bandwagon, just to remain politically relevant.
The other Champion of Change, Imran Khan…once again…is dragging feet from joining Tahir Ul Qadri… and …once again it would be a mistake and definitely will add to his political blunders…one can also feel for him because on his one side sits Javed Hashmi ( An old PML N Horse) and on his other side sits Shah Mahmood Qureshi ( A PPPP veteran)...They could neither affect change in their parent political parties nor is there any hope in PTI...They will always advice IK on playing Safe...Change will not come through ‘Proper Channel’ Politics…Hold an election next month and it will be hijacked again…As they say…Desperate times call for desperate measures…playing by the book will bring no change in this system…which eats, breathes and broods Corruption…Again IK is not good enough for Shenanigans of Pakistani Politics… plus his cautious approach to politics is not doing him any good.
Few words in the honour of our political prodigees...Prince Hamza, bilawal, Monis, Musa etc and Princess Mariam, Bakhtawar , Asifa….You all are signs of HOPE for your families…But for Poor thing called Pakistan, You are part of the problem, not the solution.
And this brings us to the bottom line…For Tahir Ul Qadri and IK not being good enough for Pakistani Politics…is actually our only HOPE…because they failed to Adapt to corrupt methods of Raj Neeti…Their approach to politics is not through the Dirty Door...We should not Fail them before putting them to Test...Only If they join hands, They may finally bring some constructive change in this country… But…Somehow…Both of them have not been able to take that 'Leap of Faith' ...IK's inability to think out of box and taking 'Political Risk' by trusting Qadri is the real impediment to substantive change. Their nexus can pave the way for a better Pakistan

Leadership is not only about celebrity status rather taking bold decisions (with inherent risk factor )and the dream of change will be realized through some daring decision making and due sacrifices.
Blessed Sunday