Sunday, 1 June 2014

Moral Compass - Made in China

Moral Compass - Made in China (the amusing line taken from the Robin Iqbal's status)
If you happen to use a compass, irrespective of the weather conditions, the time of the day or the day of the week, the needle of the compass shall always point to the North. Likewise, you must have observed that political workers regardless of their standing, appointment or stature will be biased towards their political leadership. Principles of morality stand no chance once they have to choose between their political leadership and what is right. The point of North on their moral compass always indicates towards their political leadership. Those who do not fulfill their moral obligation of raising a hand and differing on principles are hostage to their own short term gains and objectives. Which mostly are trivial in nature like hopes to get better position in party or winning better NHA contracts or any other mundane benefit that you can think of. In turn, entire nation is paying the price. How? Ok. Now, if you are a political worker who cannot stand on principles please stop reading this article because its very bitter in taste.
Dog is a fovoured pet of Men of Ego or should we say 'False Ego'. Have you ever Wondered, why? Because Dog is a psychophicist. A flatterer who will go off limits to please his master. you must have seen a dog waging his tail like crazy to appease his master. A dog will not judge you for your character or principles. He only wants to make you happy. What is his gain? A pat in the back, shelter and better food. That is the sole reason, of all animals, dogs are not allowed in the house as pets. They inflate your ego. They make you want to believe that you the Master and the Provider. How false is that?
Political Leadership is surrounded by few loyals. Likewise, down the ladder leadership at different tiers is restricted to a close circle of faithfuls. Once they hit the jackpot i.e. win elections, they start payback by affording each other benefits. It is common perception that politicians are the most corrupt lot. But in reality, its the political worker who leaves his leadership miles behind when it comes to corruption. He never disagrees. He never differs on principles. He does all he can to please his leadership. Absence of principles, lack of character or nonexistent political wisdom never really bothers him. His Moral Compass always indicates towards his political leaders, believing they are the Providers and making them believe that they are the Masters.
I hope you are not drawing any parallels between pets and political workers in your mind? Well political workers are much above that. And by their conduct they have to do better than what they are doing. They have to prove that they are the best of creations. They have to rise above their short term gains. They have raise their hands and differ. They have to speak the Truth. If they continue to paint the false picture that Sab Acha Hai i.e All is Well, their masters will want to live in the fallacy that they are doing just great. They have to realize that their job is more important because in their hands rests the future of this nation. The moral compass must point to the principle, to Pakistan, to greater interest, to our future, to the future of our generations.
As indicated by my old friend Amir Sohail Malik, it holds good to all those working in govt institutions. No department, institution or walk of life is exempted from this obligation. We must stop importing our moral compasses from China because a Moral Compass Made in China will only take a nation to where we stand today.