Saturday, 21 June 2014

Days of PML(N) Govt are Counted?

Carnage at Model Town Lahore augurs beginning of the end. 3500 police personnel poured in to remove the ‘barriers’. Killed innocent people and brutally battered everyone present on spot. Ironically, registered murder FIR against Tahir ul Qadri’s son. Ministers of the state were exuding fire just like loyal Haman. Pharoses must have felt small on display of arrogance by our rulers.

In Punjab, every constituency is filled with Gulloo Butts. They are the real Ugly face of our rulers. These field agents work on behest of sitting MNAs and MPAs. They are well connected in 
administration and judiciary. Most of these run gambling hubs while others do drugs and bootlegging. They have gangsters on their payroll who can make life of any person miserable. Every citizen is bound to have issues pertaining administration and judiciary. This is where ordinary citizens need help of these goons who resove their petty issues from the back of their hands under the able patronage of respected politicians. Hence guarnteeing votes for their masters. In central Punjab, if your buffalo is stolen or your brand new car is nicked, go to the Dera of MPA which act as a "Facilitation Centers". Distressed people not only pay money but leave those places highly obliged after paying money for their stolen goodies. Hence, without coming to fore, politicians control their constituencies. Difference between Punjab and Karachi politics is only that MQM has organized setup and central control on criminal activities whereas Punjabi politicians do the same from behind the curtain.
The best lesson from known history is to fight one front at a time. Present govt has concurrently opened up many fronts. Cold war with army on Pervez Musharraf issue is going on. There may not be any love lost for Pervez Musharraf. But mere fact that he was COAS, gives him certain privileges. Army is an institution built on brotherhood. Army will not abandon him. If they did not like him, they should have stood up to him when he was in power. But vendetta and egos are way too large than the size of men. It was a golden opportunity to let go off Pervez Musharraf once his mother was seriously ill. It would have been a win win decision. Even letting him go after Sindh High Court’s decision to remove his name from ECL would have earned tons of good faith. Instead central govt challenged the decision in Supreme Court. Notwithstanding the fact that Mr Nawaz Sharif was allowed to flee from the country under a written agreement once he was convicted. Wonder, who are their advisors? Are those advisors sincere? Is govt going to commit suicidal on itself?

Other front is on going operation in Waziristan. In 13 months, it was only for 48 hours that nation seemed to rally behind the govt when it announced commencement of operation in Waziristan. After those 48 hours, govt sent suicidal mission of Punjab Poliice on Qadria at Model Town Lahore and the tide completely turned. Again the question on advisors of govt arises with full force. Although, there are serious reservations, whether govt willingly went ahead with the operation or it was forced to do so. Particularly, when announcement of operation came 24 hours earlier through ISPR than the govt itself.

Another front is the media bias of govt. Govt’s unflinching love for Geo and Jang Group is evident with punishment awarded to ARY to balance the charge sheet. Govt had to take entire media along. But this requires transparency and unbiased approach which is not possible with these people. Media will naturally unleash on govt and their image will further go down the drain. Prime Minister went to see Hamid Mir in hospital but he did not bother to pay visit to affected of Model Town incident. Had he visited Qadria in first couple of days of the incident, it would have taken the sting out of situation besides fulfilling his moral obligation it would have had political advantage. But the question remains, who are their advisors?

Corruption is rampant. Govt continues to appoint her stooges on every office of significance. All money producing institutions/ projects are controlled by the Royal Family. Recent appointment of Arsalan Iftikhar as Vice Chairman of Investment Board of Balochistan says it all. Unfortunately, Mian Sahab could not get a Durbari Army Chief in all three tenures. May it be General Abdul Waheed Kakar, Mirza Asalm Beg, Jehangir Karamat, Pervez Musharraf or Rahil Sharif. He appoints an army general (at times violating army’s merit) thinking he will find a humble servant in him but hats off to army’s grooming, each time a bona fide patriotic Pakistani turns up. Present chief is no exception who has already bitterly Disappointed the ruling Clan.

All these above incidents and scenarios are pointing towards end of the road for Nawaz Sharif. He will be the only PM in history who made it thrice and thrice could not complete his tenure. Writing is on the wall. Signs are evident. Blood has been spilt. We cannot expect Nawaz Sharif and Co to change their way of thinking. Which inevitably means early exodus. I really wonder who are their advisors